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Great Visual Communications Make Great Things HappenTM


How RainMaker Signs Started?


"It is RainMaker Signs' mission to Express, Execute, and Reinforce Your Brand."   

- Michael McGinn

Co-Founder & President 

RainMaker_Signs_founder_1.png"Our success is defined by our customers' success."     

- Deborah Scott

Co-Founder & Marketing Officer 

RainMaker Signs was started by two visual communication enthusiasts, Michael McGinn and Deborah Scott. Michael, the Co-founder and President of RainMaker Signs has more than 20 years of wide-range functional experience (such as finance, marketing, product management, etc.) with companies large and small. He has a deep passion in helping businesses achieve and exceed their goals. Deborah, the Co-founder and CEO for RainMaker Signs, is a world class marketer that managed Fortune 100 brands including Amazon.com and Cheerios. At the same time, Deborah is also a classically trained artist, her artworks have been exhibited in museums and galleries across the country. The two share the same belief that "Great Visual Communications Make Great Things Happen!" With their strong background in business and marketing, they decided to establish RainMaker Signs to help other businesses realize what visual communication can do for their business, their brand, and their customers.

To Michael, visual communication is a good form of marketing that helps businesses enhance their brand awareness and attract more clients. In fact, visual communication is omnipresent in our everyday life. And the most common form of visual communication for businesses is executed through signs, graphics, and displays. This explains why Michael decided to go into the sign business - create more visual communications that match up businesses with their clients. "An image can quickly convey so much more than words ever could," this is how Deborah described visual communication. Being an artist and a marketer, visual communication is a driving force in her life. Rather than continuing to support large single brands, Deborah decided to start a business with Michael to help more companies achieve their goals via visual communication.

Why "RainMaker Signs"?

There are two reasons why Michael and Deborah named their business "RainMaker Signs."

1. The Spirit of a RainMaker

By definition, a RainMaker is a key figure in an organization that is known for achieving excellent results in a profession or field. Just like magic, a RainMaker helps businesses bring in more customers, members, fans, and partners. This is the spirit that Michael and Deborah believe their signs and graphics can achieve.

2. Seattle and Rain

Rain is part of our culture here in Seattle! It is an important component that nurtures life and makes things beautiful. Rain is what makes Washington an evergreen state. Rain delivers hope to people, as they anticipate the rainbow and sunshine that comes after. 

The Unique RainMaker Signs Delivery

RainMaker Signs is more than a business where you can find custom signs and graphics. We pride ourselves as an extension of your brand/marketing department. We offer consultation, design, production, installation, project management, sign removal, and any other customized signs and graphics services that align with your needs. No matter what we do, our goal is to help our clients achieve their goals and get noticed. 

At RainMaker Signs, our mission is more than just delivering high quality premium signs, graphics and displays. We aim to surpass our customers' expectations by providing professional assistance and show a deep level of caring of their brand. Our RainMaker Signs team always feel rewarded whenever we see the smiles and excitement on our clients' faces when they see their signs and graphics. We are as happy and excited as they are since we are able to help our clients bring their passion and their business to life with one thing we all deeply appreciate - great visual communication. 

Consider us part of your brand execution team.

RainMaker Signs is dedicated to expressing your brand with impressive visual communications. 

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