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What Are Barricade Graphics?

A construction barricade is typically a temporary wall built around the construction site that blocks public access to the work area.  These barricades protect both the public and the workers on the job site.   For outdoor job sites, this barricade may be constructed with chain link fencing or plywood.  For interior or mall construction sites these temporary walls are created with dry wall or other types of temporary, even reusable, construction materials. 

Retail barricade graphics are images and information that is applied to the outside surface of a temporary construction wall or barricade.  These graphics are printed using a wide format digital printer on self-adhesive vinyl.  These graphics can provide virtually any type of imagery and information including company name, logo, product or service images and info, announcements, directions, etc.. Most property lease agreements dictate what type of information can and cannot be included on a barricade graphic.  In some cases, specific information is mandated.  Additionally, most barricade graphics require approvals from the property manager before installation.

Types Of Barricade Graphics

RainMaker Signs's barricade graphics and temporary construction wall graphics are printed to your specifications and professionally installed to accommodate your operation needs. Design services are available to meet branding needs and to adapt graphics to fit any size space with the exact shape desired including curves. 

Indoor Retail Barricade Graphics

Many shopping centers require their tenants to install barricade with graphics during their construction to maintain a pleasant shopping environment for shoppers. Custom fitted to the size of the barricade, the vibrantly printed graphics boldly showcase the store branding promoting its opening in advance to entice customer anticipation. 


Outdoor Barricade Graphics

Open-air shopping plazas, outlets, and many small businesses that locate outdoor also put up construction barricades with graphics. As an obstruction of view and access into the job site, the barricade keeps the transformation of the business in mystery and the graphics deliver a sense of professionalism of the brand that keeps customers look forward to. 

Window Construction Graphics

Due to restriction of space, sometimes putting up a construction barricade is not feasible. As an alternative, graphics can be applied on store windows to conceal the construction activities while at the same time maintain brand image and shopping center prestige. The graphics can be made opaque to conceal both outside and inside views or perforated to allow natural lighting into the job site. 

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Other Construction Barricade Graphics

If it is a huge construction site, wire fences are used to block the job site instead of wood barricades. Construction fence banners are the ideal barricade graphics solution. Fully surrounding the construction site, the quality banners not only promote the details of the project in progress but also safely conceal the potential danger happening behind from passersby. 

Ideal Spaces For Barricade Graphics

Barricade Graphics are designed to lend a hand in the construction of these space:

Barricade Graphics Resources

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