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3 Compelling Reasons Why Bellevue Building Owners Should Adopt Self Luminous Signs

by Deborah Scott on June 23, 2015

Bellevue is Booming!

ConstructionA quick drive through Bellevue and you cannot help but notice all the cranes towers and construction.  The economic, business, and building growth in Bellevue is unprecedented.  See recent article in the Puget Sound Business Journall of plans for Chinese investors to invest over $2 Billion in real estate the region. 

As Bellevue city officials plan and manage this fast pace growth, they are on the lookout for ways to make the city safe for residents, workers, and visitors a like.   One of those ways is a recent change to the fire safety code that now requires self luminous stairway signs in all public access buildings over 3 stories tall.  This is important News for City of Bellevue Property Managers, Business Owners, Buiding Contractors and Building Owners.  

If you are constructing a new building you will want to take this code change into account as you plan new signage for your building.  If you are remodeling an existing building or preparing for your next fire safety inspection you will want to explore replacing your existing stairwell identification and exist signs sooner rather than later.   There are real benefits to doing so.

1. Building Occupant and First Responder Safety

Above and beyond all other reasons why you should install self luminous stairway exit signs is that they improve building safety - for building occupants as well as emergency responders.  Because these "glow-in-the-dark" signs do not require an independent power source they are ALWAYS ON - providing essential information about stairway names, floor numbers and exit routes.  

From childhood, we have all be trained that in the event of an fire or earthquake we should not use the elevator.  What few people don't realize is that all stairways do not lead to building exits.  These signs will point someone to an exit by providing information about what floor has access to egress stairwells.  

For fire fighters and other first responders the signs provide information about their location in the building as well as information about floor access.  This is critical information as fire fighters work their way through a labyrinth of stairwells.  

2.  Compliance with City of Bellevue Fire Safety Code

Photoluminescent-self-luminous-Signage-Floor-Identification-Bellevue-WA-rainmaker-signsAs the fire inspectors make their rounds they are notifying property managers and building owners about the new requirements to include self illuminating stairwell identification signs.  These "glow-in-the-dark" signs stay illuminated even in the event of a power outage.  

The new rules require that a on each floor landing in an interior exit stairway and ramp connecting more than three stories designating all of the following:

  • Identification of the stair or ramp
  • Floor level
  • Terminus of the top and bottom of the interior exit stairway and ramp
  • Availability of roof access from the interior exit stairway and ramp for the fire department
  • Direction to, the exit discharge
  • Be located 60" above the floor landing in a position that is readily visible when the doors are in the open and closed positions.

Compliance with the new sign code is beneficial for the obvious reason that you want to keep your building operational and maintain your occupancy permits.  Compliance with fire safety code is consistent with your business objectives.  See the City of Bellevue's Public Information Handout F-54 for more details and information about the new rules.  

3. Highly Economical Signage

Finally, there is the often overlooked fact that self luminous signs are highly economical - both from an initial installation expense to power care an maintenance.

  • Low installation costs - signs adhere directly to wall with adhesive tape or backing
  • No batteries are needed or consumed in the illumination of these signs
  • No maintenance 
  • No exterior lighting, lamps or bulbs need to be checked or replaced
  • No electrical bills

While these stairway identification signs cost more than traditional ADA or non-lit safety signs due to the specialized materials used in fabrication, the financial benefits quickly out weight the additional cost.  Under all conditions and temperatures these signs will remain illuminated providing 24/7 safety for your building.


Additional Resources

City of Bellevue Public Handout F-54

Self Luminous Stairway Identification Signs FAQ

RainMaker Signs Stairway Identification Sign Info

RainMaker Signs Sign Experts - see below

RainMaker Signs is a knowledgeable leader and sign expert in the Bellevue area.  We design and fabricate your signs locally to meet local fire inspection requirements and get your building approved and operational.   As a local self luminous sign provider we can work with you to produce your signs to the exact specifications of your fire marshal / inspector.  Our signs meet fire code and regulatory requirements for Bellevue, Seattle, King County and beyond.  

Just give us a call at 425-861-7446 or email us at answers@RainMakerSigns.com  We are happy to answer all your question or help you out with a quote.

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