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5 Tips to Help You Get a Perfectly Sized Lobby Sign

by Yuki Chan on July 30, 2015


The lobby is one of the very first physical environments that a customer encounters when they pay a visit to a business location. Getting a rightly sized lobby sign can help you to enhance your brand awareness and mark a good first impression. A lobby sign is a representation of your business as a whole. If the sign is too big, it can be distracting and intimidating. On the other hand, a sign that is too small can be easily neglected. Overall, a wrongly sized lobby sign that is incompatible with your business is a bad investment that drives customers away. Besides, that bad lobby sign can even decrease employee morale as it is part of the environment that they work in everyday.

Here are 5 factors that help you to determine the size of your lobby sign:

1) Dimensions of the wall

The dimensions of the wall that the sign will be installed on are something that every sign company will ask for at the beginning phase of a lobby sign project. This helps both you and the sign company to estimate the ideal size of the lobby sign.

2) Structure of the wall

Customers usually have their own preferences about the size of their lobby sign. However, the wall that they want to install the lobby sign on might not always be a good fit with the size they want. This is because the structure of some walls cannot withstand heavy weight to be hung on. Although this is a fairly infrequent situation, it should be kept in mind especially when you plan to install anything heavy onto your wall. However, this does not mean that a big lobby sign is an entirely impossible idea. At Rainmaker Signs, we have lots of different sign making materials that can adapt to any of your needs and requirements.

3) Size of the lobby

A lobby sign is the most eye-catching object in a lobby. As a result, the size of the lobby affects the overall presentation of the lobby sign. If you have a spacious lobby, having a big lobby sign can get you the most attention. However, a big lobby sign in a small lobby can give people a feeling of pressure.

4) Obstructions in front of the wall

Is there anything in front of the wall that you want to get your lobby sign installed on? These obstructions can include the front desk, staffs sitting behind the front desk, tables or shelves showcasing your achievements, chairs, etc. Ensuring that there are no barriers blocking your lobby sign is a critical determinant of the size it should be. 

5) Distance of the viewer

How far do you want your lobby sign to be seen? If you have a giant transparent floor glass, having a big lobby sign can be remarkable and recognizable for customers and even passers-by.

Get More Help

Yes. There are lots to consider when getting that perfect lobby sign. But no worries, RainMaker Signs is here to help. We have a team of experts that can provide you advice on the size, design, location, and materials of your lobby sign project and bring that perfect lobby sign to life. To reach us, call us at 425-961-7446 or 855-806-SIGN (7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com. The RainMaker Signs team looks forward to work with you on different types of lobby sign projects. Click below to request a quote.

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To learn more about lobby sign projects, please visit our Lobby Sign FAQ page. 

Also, check out some other beautiful lobby signs that we made for our clients by clicking here

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