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6 Compelling Reasons to Use Mesh Banners at Your Construction Site

by Deborah Scott on September 22, 2016



Construction Banners - A Valuable Investment in Your Business and Community

Some cities and municipalities require fence coverings at construction sites.  If yours requires fence banners, make the most of the opportunity.  If they don't, you may want to consider including custom printed banners anyway.  Working with builders across the country we have discovered these 6 compelling reasons why builders opt to include custom banners on their construction fences even if there is no requirement to do so.


1.  Improved work site safety

Job site safety is the number on reason to put banners on your fences.  Reducing visibility into the job site accomplished three safety objectives

  1. Reduces visibility into the work area which in turn reduces temptation for trespassing, vandalism and theft.
  2. Reduces visibility outside the work site reducing distractions to workers and increasing their personal safety
  3. Creating a more secure barrier so that prevent small items, debris and dust passing through the fence that might impact pedestrian traffic in the area

2.  Building a positive connection with the neighborhood

Construction sites are disruptive to the day to day activities in the area.  Traffic delays, access restrictions, closed sidewalks and detours can aggravate pedestrians and drivers who live and work in the area.  Beautifying the site with banners helps people connect the short term inconvenience with a future positive out come and anticipation for project completion.

3.  Company branding

Fence banners represent a unique opportunity to advertise and promote your business and brand name in a way that few companies can.  A fence banners is essentially a large billboard promoting your business.  Typically in places that would never allow a billboard.  Unlike other advertising, once printed, the advertsing cost is free  Opportunities like that don't come along every day. 

4.  Displaying rendering of new building (s)

Everyone would like to see what the future will look like.  A rendering of the property does exactly that.  It is exciting for everyone who passes by regularly to see the progress and compare it to the completed project image.  It's fun and engaging.

5.  Promoting new tenants/owners

Residential or commercial properties will ultimately have tenants.  In some cases, a particular business will occupy the building and they are proud to let everyone know about their new location.  In other cases, this is an opportunity to promote the property to future tenants.  Along with building renderings and lifestyle images, sales contacts and unit specs and planned amenities can be listed right on the banners. 

6.  Promoting partners

Construction projects are collaborations.  Financiers, architects, future tenants, and builders all work together to build the future.  Construction banners are the perfect place to build good will with strategic partners and get their name out there as well.  



We work with builder across the country to create crisp, vibrant banners that get their message out into the community and keep the workplace safe.  Check our portfolio construction site signs page to see recent fence banner projects.  

We believe great visual communications make great things happen - especially in the work place.  If you have an upcoming move, give us a call at 425-861-7446 , email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com or click below to request a quote.  We'd love to hear from you!




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