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7 Benefits of Self Luminous Stairwell Identification and Safety Signs

by Deborah Scott on May 26, 2015

When it comes to safety - nothing compares to self luminous signs.  While they may be required in some municipalities, there are benefits far beyond compliance with local fire codes.

1.  Keep Your Building Occupants Safe

Photoluminescent-self-luminous-Signage-Floor-Identification-Bellevue-WA-rainmaker-signsBar none, this is the most important reason to use self luminous stairwell identification signs and evacuation routes.  We all know "In case of an emergency use the stairs".  But what most people do not know is that all stairways do not necessarily lead to an exit.  These fire safety signs provide each stairwell with a name or number along with a floor indicator and exit information keeps your occupants safe in the event of an emergency.  Even if the power is cut off from the building, occupants will be able to navigate to the nearest exist with the information provided on these glow in the dark signs.

2. Provide Assistance to First Responders 

When first responders enter your building they need to create a mental map in their heads to connect their current location with their destination.  Police, fire fighters, and other emergency responders can rely on these signs to point the way in all conditions.  These self illuminating signs show the way in light, dark, wet or smoky conditions.  If an emergency worker wants to reach someone in need on the 10th floor, they need to know if the stairway will get them to that floor.  The same is also true for evacuation routes.

3.  Always On

Self luminous signs provide continuous uninterrupted illumination.  These signs do not rely on electricity, battery or external power sources that could experience interuption.  This quality makes these signs the most dependent source for egress signage.

4. Cost Effective

The cost benefits of these signs are evident from the start.  

  • No electrical wiring required when you install your new signs.
  • No batteries are needed or consumed in the illumination of these signs
  • No maintenance is required to ensure batteries are replaced or power sources secured
  • No exterior lighting, lamps or bulbs need to be checked or replaced
  • No electrical bills
  • Low installtion costs - adhesive backs adhere the signs directly to the wall

5. Versatile and Water Proof

In some cities, like Bellevue WA, these signs are required for stairwell identification.  However these signs are an excellent choice for indoors or out of doors.  They are as effective in dry conditions as they are in damp or wet conditions.  They can also withstand the widest range of temperatures of any fixture.  

6. Environmentally Friendly

There are a variety of types of self-luminous technology and materials.  RainMaker Signs uses materials that do not contain tritium gas (a radioactive material).  We use a substrate that is chemically designed to absorb ambient light and then slowly release the light over many hours.  


7. Bellevue WA Fire Code Compliancy

Each city or municipality sets the standards for their local fire code.  In Bellevue, WA, self luminous stairway identification egress signage is now required.   Learn more about Belleuve Stairway Identification signage requirements in The City of Bellevue Public Information Handout F-54 or read Self Luminous Signs Keep your Building Compliant in Bellevue or visit out page on Self Luminous Signage for more information. 

If you are a builder, property manager, facilities manager, building or business owner, take time to verify that you are meeting your local fire code sign requirements before your next inspection.  Looking to update those signs or meet the requirments set by your local fire marshal or inspector? Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or email answers@rainmakersigns.com of click the request a quote button below.  

Our ADA and fire safety expert will help you with the right signs, custom produced in our Bellevue production studio, to meet the exacting needs of your fire marshal and get your building safe and operational.  

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