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7 Tips for Signs that Pay You Back

by Deborah Scott on November 15, 2013



#1 Invest time and money to ensure you have a sign that makes a positive impression on your marketplace  

Many business owners buy signs as an afterthought.  If you are not confident that your new sign will pay for itself then you are wasting money.  The purpose of your sign is to attract new customers, create a great customer experience, and establish your brand in the minds of your customers.  In some cases, a sign is the only visible clue that a business exists.  Your sign should be conspicuous, reflective of your company's brand, and easy for your customers to recall.  

#2 Consider your sign a business asset not an expense

The function of your business signs are to bring in customers or contribute to a great customer experience that will bring them back.  Consider the value of new and repeat customers when you consider your sign designs and budget.


#3  Keep your signs simple and direct

Indoor or outdoors, a sign has less than three seconds to capture a customer's attention.  A picture paints a thousand words.  A 3M study recently revealed that our brains can process the meaning of an image 30,000 times fast than text.  Showing the benefits of your product or services an be much for effective than simple text in capturing your customer's attention.  

Keep your text legible by using high contrast colors and using a letter size that is appropriate for the viewing distance.

Speed of Traffic Legibility Distance Size of Letters Needed
55 mph 440' 12"
50 mph 400' 10"
45 mph 360' 9"
40 mph 320' 8"
35 mph 280' 6"
30 mph 240' 4"
25 mph 200' 3"


#4  Make your point with as few words as possible.

If you can't fit your message on a bumper sticker, then your message is too long.

Avoid "too much information" or "too many messages".  We are overwhelmed by thousands of messages daily.  Not only have we become adept at absorbing a lot of data, we have also become skilled at tuning out a lot.  A good, crisp presentation is typically best.  You don't need to inform your customers of everything you can do, you just want to capture their interest enough to have them call, come in, or buy.  As a rule of thumb, the maximum length of your message should be three to five words. 


#5  Select a design that reflects your brand and emphasizes the key strengths of your company

A well placed and designed sign communicates to your customer the true flavor of your business.  Well-designed indoor signage reinforces your image.  Be sure to temper the information on your signage by maintaining harmony with your setting.   You don't want to look like a pair of brown shoes in a tuxedo store!  Consider other signs near your business.  Some beach communities prefer the look of sandblasted wood signs.  An area known for restaurants might be characterized by lighted dimensional signs.  Often you can make your business stand out by having a simple but elegant sign by incorporating a great design that considers your brand in context.


#6  Plan ahead to understand local sign ordinances and permitting requirements

Now that you are ready to have your masterpiece produced, there is just one more factor: municipal codes.  It is always wise to find out what is required by code enforcement before requesting a sign permit and/or creating your new sign.

Usually there are two sets of codes that will effect your signage decisions.  Often business parks, historical areas and other developments will have their own sign criteria and these can be stricter than city codes.  Be sure to check with your property manager or the city itself to find out if their is a sign criteria or "architectural overlay" before relying solely on the city's requirments.  Part of the approval process may even include sign off by your landlord or property manager.  

The second element is the city code itself.  You can avoid wasting a lot of time by researching your city sign codes on line.  Check out Rainmaker Signs FAQ page on sign permitting suggestions and links to several Seattle/Bellevue area city sign codes or google your city name + sign codes.


#7  A great sign will bring in customers, a poorly maintained one will drive them away

Time and weather are the great enemies of outdoor signs.  Imagine going to a restaurant and noticing that their sign is damaged and dirty.  Maybe even home to a bird's nest.  Makes you wonder what else they are not maintaining, doesn't it?  There are many new materials coming on the market today that have superior weatherability.  Some manufacturers today are guaranteeing their plastics for life against fading or cracking.  


Think of it this way.  Your sign is representing your company, products and services 24/7.  Take the time to be sure your sign investment is representing your company in the best, most positive way with every impression it makes.  The economics of doing this well will speak for themselves.

Let us know how we can help you grow your business and make great things happen with effective signage.  Give us a call  1-855-806-SIGN (7446) or Click below

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