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8 Ways How Wall Graphics Connect Businesses With Customers

by Yuki Chan on February 22, 2016

Wall Graphics = Effective Advertising Tool

Wall graphics are not just wallpapers that decorate your office space, it is a lot more useful than that! It is an effective advertising tool with strong magic power that draws your customers attention. Don't believe it? You will when you read about the eight ways that wall graphics connect you with your customers. 

1. Creates the Ideal Atmosphere

It helps customers to associate the right feeling at the right place. For example, if customers are in a gym, seeing graphics that show people doing sports help them to get into a sportive mood quickly. Graphics that show natural scenery soothe people and make them feel calm. These types of graphics are suitable for places like hospitals and clinics.    

2. Delights Customers With a Refreshment

For businesses who have been using the same space for a long time, adding a new wall graphic can delight your customer. It makes them feel like they are visiting a new place. Not only you, your customers will certainly be excited with your new wall graphic. 

3. Unique and Impressive Servicescape

Wall graphics are a type of unique and impressive visual presentation. It is certain that your wall graphic can create a compelling and memorable impression.   They can aid in helping your customers and visitors remember you even when they are away for awhile. 

4. Tells Your Customers What You Are About

Wall graphics can instantly show your customers what kind of business you are, what you are selling, and what services you are offering at a glance. 

5. Make A Statement

Wall graphics help make a strong statement about who you are and what values and culture your company represent. Wall graphics are also an effective way to spread any message you want as it is a significant visual communication. Especially if you are trying to rebrand, having a wall graphic tells your customers that your company is really making a change.  

6. Members, Not Customers

If you are a business that want to tell your customers that they are not your customers, but your friends and members, having a wall graphic serves that purpose. Just as how united people feel when they see the Seahawks logo and the 12th man flag, your wall graphic will help to achieve that. Businesses that offer memberships can print their motto, emblem, or constitution on their wall graphics to help their members to build a sense of belongingness and brand loyalty. 

7. Inevitably Eye-Catching

What's magical about wall graphics is that people cannot resist looking at it. If you have an impressive wall graphic in your servicescape, you have everyone's attention. Passersby get attracted to it and they can potentially become your new customer. 

8. Drives Impulse Sales

If you are a retail business, adding point of sale displays accompanied by a wall graphic can definitely increase impulse purchase. This is because your attractive wall graphic helps to effectively communicate why your product is something that your customers should buy. 

Get Your Unique Wall Graphic Now

Are these benefits convincing enough for you to get your company a wall graphic? I know you are thinking about it. Tell us about your wall graphic project! 

Want to see more wall graphic examples and how businesses have been using wall graphic as a marketing tool? Check out our Portfolio page. RainMaker Signs' Pinterest board also has other wall graphic inspirations that you can reference to. 

Request-quote-wall-graphics-bellevue,WA Ready to start your wall graphic project? Contact RainMaker Signs for help! Give us a call at 855-806-SIGN (7446) or 425-861-7446 or email us at answers@RainMakerSigns.com.  We believe great visual communications can make great things happen - and the use of wall graphics is an effective and efficient way to achieve that.

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