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Building Hope and Restoring Lives - Vision House Adds Donor Display to Honor Generosity

by Deborah Scott on November 3, 2015

Interview with Susan Camerer, founder of Vision House   

susan_head_shot_smallI always say we are very fortunate here at RainMaker Signs - fortunate that we have the opportunity to spend each and every day helping companies and organizations achieve their goals.  When our signs and graphics are installed at any location, it is a sign (no pun intended) that things are about to get better for someone in some way.  Our products and services create a positive change, optimism and hope for our customers.  

But that optimism and hope does not  compare to the positive change and hope that Vision House creates for the people they serve.  After completing a project for Vision House, I had the opportunity to interview Susan Camerer, the founder of Vision House to learn more about their mission and what they do.



1.  Tell us about the mission of Vision House.  

vision-house-shoreline-wa Vision House provides transitional housing and support service to homeless mothers and their children, and separately to men recovering from substance abuse.  The primary goal of Vision House is to promote self-sufficiency and reintegration back into the community.

Vision House provides residents with a stable, safe living environment along with a range of services tailored to the individual's and the family's needs.  Importantly, Vision House also has a goal to transition residents to permanent housing, making sure they have adequate income, child care and support services to allow them to remain self-sufficient in the future.  


2.  When did you start Vision House and what motivated you to start it?

I began Vision House, along with my husband, John Camerer after we saw the movie "God Bless the Child" about a single mother who became homeless through no fault of her own.  We felt a calling to meet the needs of the homeless and launched Vision House with a dream, a lot of faith, and an $800 personal check.


3.  How have things developed since that day in 1990?

vh_stills_2010_27We have been successful helping so many people achieve independence.  Since 1994 when the family program began, our annual success rate averages 87%.  Since the men's drug and alcohol recovery program began in 1990, our annual success rate averages 55%

Today Vision House is comprised of 6 locations.  The family housing program has two locations in Renton, WA and one in Shoreline, WA, known as Jacob's Well.  The men's recovery program has two houses, one in Seattle and one in Renton.   And finally there is a Vision House Thrift Store located in Bothell, WA.


4. How do you get the word out about your organization - both for people in need and those who want to help?  

People frequently find us on the internet on our Home Page - www.NoHomelessKids.org or through our FaceBook Page  

For those interested in contributing or volunteering we have a link to our current volunteer opportunities here: 




donor-wall-display-detail-rainmaker-signs5.  RainMaker Signs recently designed, produced and installed a donor wall display for your Shoreline location.  What made you decide to add a display showcasing the names of all your donors?   

We were excited to find an economical way to say thank you to all of our donors and volunteers who generously provided support to the building of our Shoreline facility that provides housing, support services, and licensed child care to homeless families.

Lean more about the Vision House donnor wall display here.


6.  What has been the reaction to the display?  

People love the look of the display. It is honoring to our donors, but at the same time reminds people of the population that we serve – Kids!


vision-house-lobby-sign-by-rainmaker-signs-renton-wa7.  For us, it was an honor to be selected to work with Vision House.  We hope working with RainMaker Signs was a good experience for you.  

I appreciate RainMaker Signs. Your team did a great job with our donor recognition wall. It was affordable and looked exactly how we envisioned it would.


8.  And the most important question of all.  How can others help you in your mission?  

They can go to our website at www.NoHomelesskids.org


Learn More

There is always opportunity to learn new ways to reach your goals.  Sometimes it helps to look outside your own organization or  industry.  Check out our interviews with other RainMaker Signs clients and partners


Sharing is Helping

Are you interested in simple ways to help others?  If so, feel free to share this article using the social share icons at the top of the page or just share a link.  It's possible that this little Vision House interview finds its way to someone in need or to someone who is looking for a way to make a difference.   Sharing could change lives.

Click the image below to discover another simple way you can help support a family in need this holiday sesason.    Thank you Susan Camerer and Vision House, for making a difference.


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