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The Best Tips to Prepare for Your New Lobby Sign

by Yuki Chan on May 16, 2016


Woohoo! After planning and waiting, you're finally getting your lobby sign installed. Your new beautiful lobby sign will stay in your lobby or your reception area for years and years to represent your company's name and spirit. It's a sure thing that you don't want anything to go wrong on with the installation. In this article, we will talk about the dos and don'ts before, during, and after a lobby sign installation to ensure that your sign will be safe and long lasting.

Before an Installation:


  • Wall Preparation: Making sure that the wall is perfect for installation is a key factor that determines the life span of a new sign. If the wall that the sign is to be installed on is old, flaking, or has damage from hooks and nails, you should repaint the wall or at least to patch the holes and mend the uneven texture. 
  • Cleaning: Clean the wall with mild detergent.  It may be a long time before you have the opportunity to clean the area behind your new sign again.
  • New Paint: If a new paint job is needed, use two coats of paint.  Ideally with primer to create a nice even surface.
  • Scheduling: Whenever possible, it is wise to schedule an installation during non-peak office hours to avoid disturbing your operations. 

Don'ts ×

  • Cleaning: Do not clean the wall with strong detergent, it can cause damages to the sign - especially vinyl wall graphics or signs that are mounted with adhesive tape.
  • New Paint: Do not install new wall graphics or murals on an uncured painted surface. While it will appear dry to the touch, it usually take several weeks for paint to cure. (Refer to your paint manufacturer's label for information about specific paint curing times.) Uncured walls decrease the adhesiveness of any attachment methods.

During an Installation:


  • Clear the Area: Make sure that there are no obstructions (both object and human!) in front of or near the area where installation takes place. 
  • Operations: Consider blocking off your operation in the installation area. As the noise and dust produced during the installation process might be distracting for your visitors and employees.

After an Installation:


  • Cleaning: Do not forget to regularly dust and clean your lobby sign to ensure that it is nice and shiny! Remember that your lobby or reception area sign is now a permanent representation of your brand.
  • Wiping: When cleaning your new sign, remember to use a feather duster or smooth towel (preferably a micro fiber towel) to avoid scratches on your sign.

Don'ts ×

  • Cleaning: Remember to use mild detergent to clean your sign. Using strong cleaning products can damage the material and cause a shattered appearance on their texture.
  • No Touching: Do not touch the sign for at least 3 days to allow the sign to fully adhere to the wall.   To avoid the risk of permanent smudges and fingerprints , we recommend avoiding touching the surface of the sign with your bare fingers or hands.

Don't have a Lobby Sign?

Consider getting one today! A reception area sign is a value-adding investment to both your business and your employees.  And RainMaker Signs can help you to ensure that you are in the right path to get that perfect sign. We have a team of experts that can provide you advice on the size, design, location, and materials of your project and bring that perfect lobby sign to life. To reach us, call us at 425-961-7446 or 855-806-SIGN (7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com. The RainMaker Signs team looks forward to work with you on different types of sign projects. Click below to request a quote.

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To learn more about sign projects, please visit our Lobby Sign FAQ page. 

Also, check out some other beautiful lobby and reception area signs that we made for our clients by clicking here

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