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3 Compelling Reasons Why Your Conference Rooms Should Have Names

by Deborah Scott on January 3, 2015

Why Conference Room Names Matter

There are several broad trends happening in the business world that are all resulting in inspiring, historical, witty or other themed names appearing on conference room windows, walls and doors.  

1.  Changes in physical work spaces

There is a trend in creating work spaces that invite collaboration and innovation by eliminating walls, offices and cubicles.  Forbes magazine discusses this in a recent article "When Does it Make Sense to Kill the Cubicle?"  While open work spaces create opportunities for creative breakthroughs, there still needs to be productive space for meetings, video conferencing, confidential discussions and phone conversations.  Rather than assigning offices to individuals, companies are now creating many small meeting rooms, conference rooms, and phone rooms to offer some privacy and space away from neighboring employees.  Naming conventions offer a quick reference to particular rooms.  Here's a great WPA video productivity advantages and recruiting appeal in new open collaborative new work spaces

2.  Attention to employee satisfaction, happiness and motivation

Driven in part by competition for top talent, companies are paying more attention to perks, benefits, and work environments that enhance an employee experience.  Room naming conventions, oddly enough, can enhance personal associations with the company and increase levels of happiness.  That business review could happen in 9SW BT (the name of a conference room at a company I used to work for) or it could happen in the Dalmatian Room or the Courage Room.  A recent article in Inc. Magazine  "What Your Conference Room Names Say About Your Company Culture"  has some great insights into the psychology of the influence of room names on employee attitudes 

3  Clarity in branding, positioning, mission and purpose

Finally, we know that employees are more productive when they feel united around a clear goal.  Reviewing your mission and values every few years and then tucking them into a drawer is not the best route.  Internal marketing of your brand, mission and goals should happen boldly, clearly and consistently.   See Building a Strong Brand Starts Inside Your Oganiztion to learn how clarity and effective internal communications can improve productivity, retention, and esprit de corps among employees.  For more insights, check out this other great article in Harvard Business Review - Selling the Brand Inside.


Choosing the Right Names for Your Meeting Rooms

Choosing the right names for your meeting rooms depends on your industry, company values, mission and brand personality.  

1. Pick a theme that matches your company culture

Nike celebrates its devotion to athletes by naming key landmarks on the company campus after sports legends: Bowerman Drive leads to the campus, where you’ll find the Joe Paterno Child Development Center and the Bo Jackson Fitness Center.  Two recent projects by RainMaker Signs involved adding wall and window graphics to company meeting rooms for Google and Rover.com.  Rover.com, a company dedicated to matching dogs to the right care provider chose to name each of their meeting  rooms after a specific breed of dog.    Google selected names of obscure Crayola crayon colors for their new office meeting rooms.  

2. Make sure it scales

As your company grows you may add additional meeting rooms will want to carry on your naming conventions thematically.  It can be problematic if your original set of names came from a limited set of options.  


Wall Graphics and Window Graphics Deliver 

Finally there is the question of how to get the names physically attached to the conference rooms.  It can be easy to add names and personality to your conference rooms, meeting rooms and phone rooms.  Serious, sophisticated, witty or playful, the design and execution should match the personality of the company or brand.  Below are a few different approaches to consider.

RainMaker-Signs-Conference-Room-Wall-Lettering-Google-Kirkland-WAWall Graphics

Wall graphics can be custom printed and cut out to any size or shape.  Any text, graphic, color, illustration or even high resolution photograph can be designed and fabricated as a wall graphic.  To the right is an example of one of the meeting room wall names we designed, fabricated and installed for Google.  They are one of the pioneers in creating named meeting rooms and spaces around their campuses.  On their Kirkland campus, rooms are named for obscure crayola crayon colors - and the room names were each created to match that specific colors.  


Window Graphics

Like wall graphics, window graphics can be custom printed and cut to any size or shape.  Any design that can be used on a wall can also be applied to a glass surface or window.  An additional option is custom frosted glass film that can be printed with full color custom text or images or be cut to create a design or text for a sophisticated upscale look.  Here you can see an example of frosted glass film with text cut outs we produced and installed for Rover.com

RainMaker-Signs-Frosted-Glass-Vinyl-Howard-S-Wright-Seattle   RainMaker-Signs-Conference-Room-Frosted-Glass-Fillm-Window-Graphics-Seattle-WA


Wall Murals

Name designators do not have to be limited to the outside of the room.  Entire rooms can take on an inspiring or inviting personality when the name is brought into the meeting room itself.  See a couple of examples below.  One is a wall mural for an interior conference room at Fast Water Heater's Kirkland WA. headquarters.   The other is a custom mural for an entry area at Rover.com in Seattle, WA.

Conference-Room-Wall-Murals-RainMaker-Signs-Seattle-WA  RainMaker-Signs-Conference-Room-Wall-Mural-Fast-Water-Heater-Bothell-WA


Suite Signs

Conference-Room-Suite-Sign-RainMaker-Signs-Bellevue-WASuite signs are small wall signs or plaques that are highly customizable with endless possibilities in materials, colors, fonts, sizes.  Most commonly used as office markers for individual offices, they can be used in their most simple form or be fabricated using bold attention-grabbing colors and materials.  One major benefit to using suite signs for naming meeting rooms is that they can be fabricated to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to meet braille, tactile and contrast standards.  


Dimensional Letters

Howard-S-Wright-Lobby-Sign-Detail-RainMaker-SignsDimensional letters would be the Cadillac of conference room name signs.  For certain businesses the upscale qualities of dimensional letters would be the perfect choice.  Dimensional letters strongly represent the quality and culture of an organization.  These letters come in any size, color, font or shape with options for beautiful metallic surfaces.  



Small Things Make a Big Difference

"Take every little opportunity to consistently showcase your culture and infuse the positive language that reflects your culture and your values into your physical surroundings and employees' daily interactions. Enabling great experiences for your employees will enable great experiences for your customers." - Ekaterina Walter Inc Magazine

To learn more check out ideas to Take Your Office From a Sea of Bland to a Blast of Brand or click on any of the headlines above to learn about each type of sign or graphic.

Whether you are opening new offices, relocating to a new facility, or just looking to infuse some new energy into your company culture, internal branding and room naming conventions can really energize your work space.  RainMaker Signs specializes in designing, fabricating and installing effective visual communications that match your brand and culture.  Give us a call at 425-903-3140 or  1-855-806-7446.  You can also email us at answers@RainMakerSigns.com or click the link below.  We look forward to working with you.


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