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Essential Information to Include on Your Parking Signs

by Deborah Scott on November 4, 2014

Parking Signs: Clear Communication is Key

Constructing a clear parking sign is no easy task.  Emotions are high when issues arise due to ambiguity or a misunderstanding.  In addition, most people don't factor in extra time for parking when planning their schedules, so attention to detail is often not great when time is tight.  For a customer/parker, misinterpreting a sign can result In fines, penalties and towing.  That leaves everyone unhappy (with the exception of the towing company.)  The business owner may lose a customer who becomes frustrated when no parking is available or penalized for a parking foul.  So take the time to get it right.  For legal or financial reasons or just providing a good experience for your customers, clear communication is key.


To be fair, every parking situation is unique.  In some cases parking is reserved for a very specific audience like "XYZ Business Customers Only", monthly subscribers, or even specific individuals.  Other times, like in the case of municipal parking or company managed pay lots, anyone can use the parking space as long as they adhere to the terms of use - usually rate and hours. 

Below is a list of some of the items to consider including on your signs.  If your parking requirements call for a lot of detail information, consider directing your customers' attention to a secondary sign dedicated to the fine print - only don't use "fine" print.

10 Items to Include on Your Parking Signs

1. Business Name and Address

2. Who the Parking is For (Reserved For...)

3. Parking Hours 

4. Parking Rates

5. Parking Penalties

6. Who to Contact in Case of Dispute

7. Who to Contact if Vehicle is Towed

8. How or Where to Pay

9. Safety and Security Reminders

10.  How to Park  (ie back in only) 


And of course it goes without saying, you need to have a legal right or claim on the parking space in order to post a sign with terms and conditions for the parking spaces.

Getting It Right Matters

If this sounds like a large print (vs small print) legal agreement you are correct.  When a customer parks in designated parking place on 3rd party property they are entering into a contractual relationship with the property owner.  So make sure you check your final copy, terms and conditions with your legal advisers.  

RainMaker Signs specializes in parking signs and other types of outdoor signs.  Our designers and sign specialists can help you create parking signs that communicate clearly with your customers.  That goes a long way toward creating happy customers.  Interested in parking signs?  Give us a call at 855-806-7446 or email answers@RainMakerSigns.com.   


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