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Everything You Need To Know About Wall Graphics

by Deborah Scott on March 3, 2014

Everything You Want to Know About Wall Graphics

It's Really Just a Sophisticated Giant Sticker

Fitness-center-mural-lynnwood-wa-rainmaker-signs.jpgWall graphics can be made in any size, from a small decal to a full mural spanning an entire wall. They are excellent for merchandising, advertising, commercial, lobby and work space décor, or residential use.  They can be created with a low tack removable or repositionable adhesive or permanent adhesives.   There are materials formulated to work on flat smooth surfaces or rough surfaces like brick and stucco or to conform to curves and odd shaped surfaces.  

All Wall Graphics Are Not Created Equal

Ask for Name Brand Vinyls

You want to ask if the company you are working with uses brand name vinyl.  Large brand names like 3M, Avery, Oracal, MACtac and Arlon all invest in developing top of the line products, testing those products, and guaranteeing their performance.  With private label or off brand vinyl you (and the company you are working with) may save money, but it is impossible to guarantee the quality, consistency, or performance of the product.   With private label or economy brands there can be variation in quality from roll to roll, so knowing that it worked well before is no guarantee that it will hold up well again.

Use the right type of vinyl for the wall surface and duration

Customization even applies to the type of adhesive on your vinyl.  You want your graphics to stay up when you want them up and you want them to come down when you want them down.  The key is using the right type of vinyl for the job.  Our vinyl options are formulated with specific adhesive and conforming qualities to meet the requirements of the job.  Textured or smooth, indoor or outdoor, we've got the the right vinyl for the job.

Ask if your graphics should or should not be laminated

The location should dictate whether or not your graphics should be laminated before installation.  For interior walls we recommend laminated graphics in high traffic, high touch areas.  In areas like hallways, doorways or corners you can expect a lot of wear on your walls.  If your wall graphics are applied to a high or hard to reach location, there is really no need to laminated.  Also if your graphics are going up for a short duration lamination may be unnecessary.

For exterior walls, we recommend laminating graphics to provide additional UV protection and protect your graphics from the element.  For wall graphics that are applied in high, hard to reach places, there is really no need to pay for this additional service.

Test Before You Apply

This is an important step to be sure your graphics will stay up when you want them up and come down when you want them down.  See "Wall Graphics - Test Before You Apply" to learn more about why this is an important step in your wall graphics solution.

Never Apply Wall Graphics on a Freshly Painted Wall 

Nothing wrecks wall lettering or graphics faster than fresh paint.  Even when paint feels dry to the touch, it takes a very long time—sometimes several weeks, to "cure."  If wall letters or decals are applied before the paint is completely cured, they may curl, peel, or fall off entirely... and it may take some of your paint with it.  So wait for your paint to cure and your results will be beautiful!

The Advantages of Vinyl Wall Graphics

  • 100% customizable size, shape, image, adhesive properties and finishes
  • Easy to clean - just use a wet cloth and mild soap
  • Easy to replace - even if a small part is damaged that part can be reprinted and replaced
  • More cost effective than hand painting 
  • Quicker to install than traditional wall paper
  • Turns naked walls into advertising or brand building opportunities
  • Imagery range from text to photography to art to anything

Advantages of Latex Inks on Wall Graphics

RainMaker Signs uses eco-friendly water based latex inks for all our wall covering materials - from traditional pasted wall papers, PVC-free materials, to adhesive backed vinyls.  Some large format printers use solvent inks.  Many restaurants and hospitals do not allow wall coverings and other large printed materials produced with solvent inks.  These inks "gas out" over time and can have an odor.  To read more on the latex vs solvent inks read more in this Article by HP.  Both types of printing inks yield beautiful results, so be sure to ask your wall graphics provider if they use latex inks.



You have options when it comes to installation or application of your wall graphics.  For smaller graphics, say under 3' or so, you can probably handle the application on your own.  See our Wall Graphics FAQ for step by step instructions on applying your wall graphics or How to Apply or Remove Window Graphics.

For larger graphics and wall murals you may choose to leave installation to the professionals.  Our wall mural and graphics installation expert has over 15 years experience installing wide format printed materials on a variety of surfaces.  Working with a professional you can avoid the possibility of bubbles or wrinkles occurring.  You'll enjoy a bubble and wrinkle free application.  RainMaker Signs has standard square foot rates for wall graphics and mural installation.


Wall Graphics and Wall Murals are a Cost Effective Way Create a Welcoming Decor and Achieve Your Communication Objectives

If you want to build your brand, merchandise your products and services, enhance your workplace or create a perfect decor' then custom wall graphics and murals might be your solution.  

small-CTA-free-ebook-wall-graphics-murals-guide Interested in learning more?  Here's a free ebook to answer all your quesitons.


To learn more about custom wall graphics and murals visit our "Wall Graphics and Mural" page or see all our blog posts on wall graphics.  You can also just give us a call toll free 855-806-7446 or click below to request a free quote.   


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