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Five Places to Put Your Lobby Sign (Whether You Have a Lobby or Not!)

by Yuki Chan on October 7, 2015

Every business needs a lobby sign. Without a lobby sign, your visitors do not know if they entered the right business. And without a lobby sign, your employees' motivation and job satisfaction tend to be lower since they feel a bit aimless working for a company "without a name." Whether you have a lobby or not, you should consider getting a sign that has your company's name and logo on. Want more compelling reasons about why you need a lobby sign? Check out this article. 

Making sure that you placed your lobby sign in the right spot is essential. This ensures that your lobby sign is performing its role properly - to catch visitors' attention. Here are 5 ideal locations that you can consider for placing your lobby sign: 

1) Lobby

Howard-S-Wright-Lobby-Sign-Letters-RainMaker-Signs-SeattleOf course, the lobby. The lobby is an area where every visitor and employee would definitely walk into when they come into your business. To maximize the visibility of your lobby sign, consider putting it in the enterance of your lobby. For businesses whose doors are not perpendicular to the center of the lobby, place the sign directly opposite to your door. Visitors or passers-by will then immediately know which business you are when they walk past your door. 

2) Reception Area

s-buy-lobby-signs-in-seattle-rainmaker-signsNot every business has a reception area. But for those who have, putting a lobby sign behind the reception area can help to instill that professional and welcoming image for your company. Especially when you have a receptionist who always has a warm welcoming smile, it gives your visitors an impression that you are a hospitable and helpful business to work with. 


3) Waiting Room

Lobby-Wall-Mural-Fast-Water-Heater-RainMaker-SignsSome businesses might have designed a cozy waiting area for their visitors. The wait is usually boring. And it is their first instinct to look around the environment. To take advantage of the time to mark a stronger impression of your business, put a lobby sign or wall graphic in the waiting room. Aside from including your company's name and logo, include your company's mission, products, and services as well. It helps to educate your visitors a little bit more about what your company does. 


4) Hallway

wall-graphic-lobby-sign-front-desk-seattle-wa-rainmaker-signsEven though you don't have a lobby, nor a reception area, nor a waiting room, it's okay. You should still get a lobby sign. The hallway outside of your business' unit is the ideal location for that. Especially in a commercial building where one level contains several business units.  It can be overwhelming for your visitors since they do not know which one is your business. Placing a signage with your business' name and logo on assures that they are at the right place. 



5) The First Sight

Office-Wall-Graphics-by-RainMaker-Signs-Cummins-Northwest-Renton-WAReality's not always wonderful. If you don't have a lobby, a reception area, a waiting room, or even a hallway, we still have a solution for you. You can place your sign on the area that your visitor will see at their first sight when they walk into your office. Remember to make adjustment to the size of your sign when you are to place it inside your office. You have to consider the distance that your visitor is looking at your sign from. 


Not Sure If You Picked the Right Spot?

You got a prefect logo, but you have to pick a perfect location as well. A bad location will drastically lower the attraction of your sign. There is a lot to consider when getting that perfect lobby sign. But no worries, RainMaker Signs is here to help. We have a team of experts that can provide you advice on the size, design, location, and materials of your lobby sign project and bring that perfect lobby sign to life. To reach us, call us at 425-961-7446 or 855-806-SIGN (7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com. The RainMaker Signs team looks forward to work with you on different types of lobby sign projects. Click below to request a quote.

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To learn more about lobby sign projects, please visit our Lobby Sign FAQ page. 

Also, check out some other beautiful lobby signs that we made for our clients by clicking here

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