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Making a Move? 5 Tips on How Signs and Graphics Can Help Make Your Move a Success

by Deborah Scott on September 19, 2016


There are many reasons to be making a move.  And a move can represents some new and exciting opportunities for your business.  Over the years, we've worked with many clients who have made big moves, from large publicly traded companies like Expedia.com, to national buinesses like Howard S Wright, to small independently owned businesses like Velo Sports Rehab and  Eastside Strength and Fitness Strength and Fitness.  Large or small, multi-national or local, these companies have used smart effective signage to inform their customers and to make their employees feel welcome in their new home.  

4 Tips for a Successful Move

Moving is not an easy task. From finding an ideal location, signing the contract with the landlord, building out, space planning and decorating the space, until the grand opening day, there is a lot to manage. Below we are a few important tips we learned over the years working with successful clients with their relocation.

1.  Provide As Much Advance Notice as Possible

From the moment you sign the lease for your new location, start communicating.  For appointment based or professional services, electronic communications are very effective.  Send a notice to your clients early and again close to your move date or add a moving reminder to the signature on your email communications.  If you have appointment cards, add a sticker to the back with a reminder about the new address and date of the move.

Your move is much more important to you than it is to your customers.  Even if they know you are moving, they may not pay attention to the new location or move date until it affects them personally.  Reinforcement and reminders with a variety of communications and signs is key so that you do not loose anyone important along the way

2.  Create Temporary Signage at the Old Location

Everyone takes in new information in their own way and on their own schedule.  Be careful to not assume that electronic communications will be effective with everyone.  Before making the move, add temporary signage to your space - key locations for signs and graphics include the any entry doors, the building sign and the reception desk or check out area, and even free standing signs outside your space.  Signs with that display directions and nearby landmarks for the new location make the  move easy for your customers to process.  Put yourself in their shoes and see how you can make the move as easy for them as possible.

3.  Maximize Brand Presence at New Location

New_retail_building_sign_Rainmaker_Signs_Belle_Pastery_Bellevue_WA.jpgStart planning your new signage right away after signing your new lease.  If you new exterior signs or graphics will be visible from the street you will likely require a permit from the city for your new signs.  Depending on the city, the process can take anywhere from a few days to a few months.  Work with a reputable sign company to review your lease and local sign code to be sure your new sign has the largest possible impact while complying with the municipal sign code and landlord requirements.  

4.  Work with a Reputable Sign Company   

We cannot tell you how many times we have been contacted by companies a week before their move and they have just been notified by their sign companies that they will not complete the new signage on schedule (and in many cases have not even started or scheduled the new signage).  It absolutely blows our minds.  This has happened with large national companies and small local companies alike.  Choose carefully and confirm details with your sign company along the way to make sure everything will go as planned.  Make sure you understand critical dates for key decisions on design, materials and install locations so that you don't inadvertently delay the process.  A good sign company will help keep you on track for key decisions.

There is a lot involved with a move.  A great sign company will help you with design and planning for interior and exterior signage so that you can attend to other items on your moving to do list.  

5.  Help Your Employees Feel Welcome and at Home 

Making a move is stressful for your employees.  Their routines are disrupted, their personal space is impacted, and things may not work "the same" once they are in the new location.  Powerful branding and inspiring messaging by use of wall graphics and lobby signs

Like creating a space that attracts new talent, you want to create a space that excites your valuable employees to make the move.  Make it your goal to have all interior lobby signs, wall murals, wall lettering, wall lettering and conference room windows branded and completed before move in date.  This helps employees feel immediately connected to the new space even if everything does not work as smoothly at first as it did at the prior location. 



For a Successful Move - Make Signs and Graphics Work for You 


We believe great visual communications make great things happen - especially in the work place.  If you have an upcoming move, give us a call at 425-861-7446 , email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com or click below to request a quote.  We'd love to hear from you!




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