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My Time as a Marketing Intern at RainMaker Signs

by Deborah Scott on September 8, 2016

Tim_McVicker_summer_intern_at_RainMaker_Signs.jpgWell, hello there! My name is Tim, and I can’t believe I’m already saying this, but 
this is the last day of my internship at RainMaker Signs. I am a  Marketing Intern here at RainMaker Signs, and today it is my job to shed some light on what that internship entailed.


About me

You are probably wondering, “who are you?” Well I am glad you asked! I am a student at Gonzaga University going on to start my junior year. I am majoring in Marketing and Minoring in Art. I believe that the creativity that art requires is very beneficial for a marketing setting. Creativity is helpful for business in general but I believe it is especially well suited for marketing.

Why did I apply for this position

I know the summer after sophomore year is early for most students to get internships, and I realize that most land an internship the summer after their junior year. However, I truly believed that the earlier I could get direct marketing experience, the better I would be off down the road. The earlier I get experience, I would also be able to learn earlier what specifically I would like to do with marketing and art, and develop my interests.

Why did I take this job

I emailed my resume and cover letter to Deborah Scott, one of the owners at RainMaker Signs and immediately landed a phone interview (since I was on the other side of the state for school). The interview went very well and we discussed what my internship would entail which got me very excited. The position described to me sounded like a perfect match. The interview was extremely informative, and Deborah went over exactly what I would be doing in the internship and made sure the duties of the internship catered to my abilities. Accepting the position was quite an easy decision.

Working at RainMaker Signs

Holiday_Window_cling_production.jpgAs anyone would be I was nervous for my first day which was totally normal. However, after arriving and meeting Deborah, Michael, Mike, Jake, and Richard I realized I had nothing to be nervous about. Another plus was that the dress code was casual ( I had dressed in a full suit the first day, but was much more comfortable wearing my my summer attire for the rest of the internship). I was in charge of writing articles about some of our favorite projects. I was given an overview of the company and an introduction to the type of work they do, training on PR and inbound marketing, a work flow that outlined all my assignments for the summer  and general guideline on the key ingredients to high quality articles.

I was also happy to put my artistic skills and interest to work for RainMaker Signs.  I was tasked with designing holiday cards that RainMaker Signs sends its clients each holiday season and small holiday gifts as well.  Needless to day, it was like Christmas in July as I spent hours coming up with original holiday themed ideas for building the RainMaker Signs brand. 

And finally, after expressing interest in learning more about paid advertising and the more analytical side of marketing, Deborah expanded my responsibilities to include the creation and performance measurement of a Google AdWords Campaign.

What I learned from this position

Well, you want to know what I learned from this position? Good, because I was going to tell you either way. I learned how to create and run a Google AdWords Campaign and ads. I learned how to optimize key words and negative keywords to ensure that you get the right traffic interested in your ads. I learned how to write PR articles. The quantity of articles I wrote helped me become more efficient with my writing skills and helped me access my inner creativity on a faster level.

I got to develop an understanding of the design process while creating Holiday cards. I got to witness the printing and cutting process of the vinyl signs and clings which was a mind blowing event to watch.

What I learned from RainMaker Signs

production_area_blog_postNot only did I learn about my Marketing Internship and marketing specifically, but I also got a taste of the process of sign making and a little bit about the sign making industry. It gave me pride to work for RainMaker Signs, especially as I wrote about projects that included testimonials from our client. For many of our clients, I learned that they had initially started projects with other sign companies who had eventually bailed on them, but this gave RainMaker Signs the chance to shine. It was great to learn that the company was reliable, unlike some of the others in the industry. Seeing the process of sign making unfold around me was fascinating. One of my favorite parts about RainMaker Signs is that it is a smaller company so I got a more diverse experience, I witnessed most of the daily activities the other employees.  RainMaker Signs' values are so inspiring to me. 

If you are a college student or a recent graduate looking for an internship, this Marketing Intern position is a good opportunity for you to apply your knowledge and skills into the real Marketing world. Click here to learn more and apply for this position. 



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