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My Time as an Inbound Marketing Intern at RainMaker Signs

by Yuki Chan on August 29, 2015

Callout_internHi everyone! My name is Yuki, and I am an Inbound Marketing Intern at RainMaker Signs. Today is the last day of my internship at RainMaker Signs and I would like to share with you my experience, what I learned, and what I have done in this position. 

About me

I am a recent graduate of the University of Washington with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, with a special focus in Marketing.  I have always wondered what the real world of marketing is like and how different it is from what I learned from my instructors and textbooks. 

Why did I apply for this position

 As a recent graduate who has had little work experience, I decided to look for an internship that will allow me to apply what I learned from college and gain some experiences to prepare me for a more advanced level job. By using the Husky Jobs tool (a tool established by the University of Washington to help students and alumni for job searching), I learned about this Inbound Marketing Intern position at RainMaker Signs. The description of this position sounded like a direct fit to my interest and personality. So I applied for it. 

Why did I take this job

Soon after I applied for this position, I heard back from Deborah, the chief marketing officer and one of the founders of RainMaker Signs. She offered me an interview opportunity. That was the best interview experience I ever had. We talked for almost an hour about the type of business RainMaker Signs is, the values that RainMaker Signs holds onto, the tasks and responsibilities of the position, and we shared with each other our values and view points about marketing. Deborah is a very experienced marketing professional who had previously lead global brand marketing for Amazon.com and managed the Cheerios business for General Mills. Believing that I would be able to learn a lot from this internship and from Deborah's experience, I accepted the position without any second thoughts. 

Working at RainMaker Signs

When Deborah told me that I would be responsible for a lobby sign marketing campaign, my initial thoughts were, "What!? I know well enough about marketing, but I know nothing about lobby signs!" But you know what? I am now a lobby sign expert! My coworkers at RainMaker Signs (Deborah, Michael, Richard, Cara, Karina, and McKinley) have been so helpful to me.  They were willing to offer me help no matter how busy they were. Aside from my coworkers, Deborah also provided me with good training resources to help me familiarize with the marketing operations of RainMaker Signs. 

My tasks and responsibilities

Checklist_CTAThroughout this one and a half month period, I have completed a lobby sign marketing campaign. I wrote blog posts, Portfolio posts, and built website contents (such as a landing pages ) that a lobby sign buyer will encounter whenever they search for resources about a lobby sign. I enjoyed writing and creating this content, not only because I was able to educate myself about lobby signs, it also felt satisfying to create meaningful content that actually helps people. Aside from writing blog posts and building web pages, I also created a downloadable Checklist, "The Ultimate Lobby Sign Project Checklist," to help people to effectively and efficiently manage their lobby sign project.

What I learned from this position

I learned a lot from this position. Working as an Inbound Marketing Intern at RainMaker Signs made my summer so meaningful!  Aside from becoming a lobby sign expert, I became a more mature person and I believe that I am ready to take a more advanced position. My experience at RainMaker Signs has encouraged me to set higher goals for myself and become a more daring person. This position also broke my fear of entering an unfamiliar industry. 

What I learned from RainMaker Signs

production_area_blog_postRainMaker Signs' values are so inspiring to me. RainMaker Signs is a business that is dedicated to delivering quality products and excellent services to its clients. Sitting at the production area, which I like to call it, "a place where magic happens," I witnessed the creation of many lobby signs, vinyl prints, wall murals, vehicle graphics, etc. Although I am not a participator in these projects, it felt satisfying looking at them. RainMaker Signs is a business that I would definitely recommend. I feel so proud and honored to have been a member of the RainMaker Signs family. 

To me, RainMaker Signs is one of the best businesses to work for. I will miss my time working at RainMaker Signs. If you are a college student or a recent graduate looking for an internship, this Inbound Marketing Intern position is a good opportunity for you to apply your knowledge and skills into the real Marketing world. Click here to learn more and apply for this position. 



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