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Great Customers are Not Wile E. Coyotes

by Deborah Scott on October 19, 2015

Wile E Coyote Was Blindly Loyal

Of course you are all familiar with the famous Albert Einstein quote  -

RainMaker-Signs-Explosion"Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."  

That quote was brought to mind this past weekend as I was reading an interview with famous designer Michael Bierut .  In his interview he mentions that his favorite cartoon character is Wile E. Coyote because "he had this endless faith and brand loyalty and never thought to try the competition even though Acme products failed him time and time again."

Embrace the Work of Earning Customers Every Time 

Of course Wile E. Coyote is an exaggerated cartoon character.  But it got me thinking about what a contrast he is to customers today who have a lot of choices and a lot of data to evaluate their choices.  At RainMaker Signs our customers are not Wile E. Coyotes. They are savvy buyers expecting real results from their purchases.  And I am sure that is true of your customers too.  We don't believe we've earned our client's repeat business until they realize the benefits of our contribution.  

  • Did that new vehicle wrap attract new customers?
  • Did the new wall mural contribute to the experience they wanted to create for their customers?
  • Did the office and conference room signs help employees and guests confidently find their way to their destination?
  • Did the frosted window vinyl create the appropriate level of privacy, branding or decor for their specific needs?  Did it help their employees or customers feel safe and respected?
  • Did those new parking signs provide clear information about who can park where, without risking a fine or towed vehicle?
  • Did that new building sign attract new customers or help prospective customers safely locate your business without taking their eyes off the road and nearby traffic?
  • Did employee morale or school spirit improve with new wall graphics that conveyed branding, missions or values?
  • Did that banner or display draw people in and create an opportunity for engagement?
  • Did the value of a given property go up based on signage that contributed to ease of use and quality businesses and tenants?
  • Did that new sign enable them to earn their occupancy permit?
  • ... and  more

Great Products and Services Create Explosions of Value

Acme sold "stuff" to Wile E. Coyote.  And that "stuff" did explode.  Unfortunately, not at the right time or place for Wile E. Coyote to achieve his desired result.  

At RainMaker Signs, we also deliver "stuff" to our clients.  (Heaven forbid that a smart business owner would ever refer to their products as "stuff").  But let's be honest, it is stuff.  The value is not in stuff, but in its unique ability meet a defined need or objective.  We are successful when our custom products help our clients meet their defined needs and objectives.  And that's when our customers should come back.  Not for any other reason.  We want to earn our customers back, not just have them return out of habit or ease.  This builds sane (not insane) loyalty and trust. 


"Every act of visual communication, back to cave paintings, is designed to convey a message.” - Michael Bierut


Truth!  RainMaker-Signs-Explosion



Topics: Branding, Marketing, Signs 101, Customer Delight

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