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How to Buy the Right Lobby Sign - 4 Key Questions To Ask Before You Buy

by Deborah Scott on April 14, 2015

 What to Consider When Purchasing a Lobby Sign



Lobby and reception signs are important in managing the first impression people will form about your company when they visit your location.  Whether you make a conscious decision of it or not, your lobby sign is a representation of your brand.  Make sure your new entry sign represents the quality you want to project for your brand and business.  To ensure you buy the right sign for your business, store or practice, be sure to ask these essential questions.


1.  What Style Will Make Your Logo / Name Look Its Best?

Howard-S-Wright-Lobby-Sign-Logo-Detail-RainMaker-SignsLobby signs can be a little challenging because they are likely the first dimensional expression of your logo or company name.  When your company logo was first created it was likely designed for your website, business cards or other printed material.  Your entry sign is your opportunity to create a richer expression of your brand, one that will project a lot about the personality and credibility of your organization to visitors, partners and employees alike.  

The style of reception sign that will work for a new tech company is very different than one that is best for a traditional law firm or a doggy day care center.  Understanding the right style for your brand begins with understanding the characteristics of your brand and business.  These attributes will set the direction for the type of materials, finishes, colors, etc.  One of the easiest ways to communicate information about your brand character is using a continuum of adjectives and locating your brand's position on the continuum.  Here are a few examples:

Trendy----------------------------------------------------Evergreen / Ageless
Fun----------------------------------------------------All Business


These are just examples.  You can pick any adjectives and their opposites to identify your brand positioning along a continuum of brand characteristics.  

Smart-Focus-Lobby-Sign-by-RainMaker-Signs-Bellevue-WAA fun, casual, outgoing brand may have rounded edges and brightly colored finishes.  A conservative financial serves company my want to project their credibility, responsibility and conservative qualities with traditional gold lettering.  A tech company may opt for full wall murals, lettering on a clear acrylic panel or a dimensional sign from re-purposed materials, depending on their positioning and the markets they serve.  Restaurants and other retail businesses will want a style that reflects their products / services and appeals to their target customers as well.  

Be sure to consider your target audience when planning your reception area and lobby signs.  Are they patients seeking assurance as they anxiously await their appointment?  Potential clients who are quietly assessing your credibility?  Or future members, customers or employees imagining their future relationship with your organization?  Many non-retail companies simply think about the type of talent they would like to attract when planning their reception area and signage.  


2.  What is Your Price Range or Budget?

Rover-Reception-Mural-RainMaker-Signs-Seattle-WAThe great news about interior signs is that there are endless combinations and possibilities or any given brand at any given budget.  In other words, there is always a sign option for your budget.  Solid metal letters will cost more that letters with a metallic finish.  Illuminated letters and logos are more than non-illuminated letters.  Custom colors and fonts are more than standard colors and fonts.  Materials can range from salvaged materials, to hand crafted metals, to digital vinyl prints.  All these variables make for a significant range in possibilities and costs.  

Letting your sign company know your budget will save time and money.  Visit your sign company's show room to see and touch samples first hand so you can develop an idea of what the final sign will look like.  


3.  What Is the Size and Type of Your Wall?

In most cases, your sign company will want to come out to see your lobby, entry or reception area.  By being in your physical space they can advise you on the appropriate size sign for your space as well as taking into account viewing angles and distance.  The wall type or substrate, be it drywall, paneling, or brick, etc, will have some bearing on installation and hardware requirements.  Also, for illuminated signs, having an existing or arranging for a new power supply will factor into the new sign cost.  Signs can be adhesive mounted to drywall, but most other surfaces will require drilling for stud mounting to support the new sign.  

4.  Do You Plan to Relocate Anytime Soon?

Many organizations anticipate that a relocation is on the horizon.  And some type of signs are easier to relocate than others.  

Panel signs are the easiest to move from location to location.  Typically mounted with standoffs, these are easily removed and re-installed at the new location.    Individual sign letters mounted directly to the wall can be removed and re-installed but expect some cost to patching the old wall and creating a template for professional spacing and alignment at the new location.  Finally, while vinyl wall graphics cannot typically be reused (there are some exceptions), your sign company will still have your art work on file, and with a little re-sizing (if necessary), can easily replicate and install your wall mural in your new location.  



At RainMaker Signs we make sure we do it right because we believe great visual communications make great things happen.  Great lobby signs give patients and clients confidence, make employees feel part of something great, and make visitors and guests feel welcome.  While your lobby sign can feel like a "one and done" set up task for your new location, it is working every day to create a lasting impression about our business.  It is worthy of your attention.  

Looking for a new lobby sign or just have questions?  If so, just give us a call in the Seattle Bellevue Wa area at 425 861-7446 or toll free 1-855-806-SIGN (7446) or email answers@RainMakerSigns.com.  We look forward to helping you with your lobby sign project.  

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