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Wall Graphics - Test Before You Apply

by Deborah Scott on February 4, 2014

Are All Removable Wall Graphics the Same?  Absolutely Not! 

Save Time and Money - Get it Right the First Time

Look, here’s the deal.  You want your wall graphics to stick when you want them to stick AND you want your wall graphics to come off when you want them to come off.  If they don’t stick, it’s a waste of time and money - a failure.   If they don’t come off, it’s a waste of time and money picking off vinyl or repairing a damaged wall.  Never underestimate how sophisticated the big adhesive vinyl companies like 3M are in developing very specialized products to meet specific needs.  There is a perfect product out there for your wall graphic project, and a few quick steps will help you select the right one. 

Different wall or substrates and environmental conditions, combined with unique customer needs for durability and expected life of the graphic require you to work with a company that takes time to find the right wall graphics vinyl for the job.  Here are 9 steps we take at RainMaker Signs to create a successful removable wall graphics for our clients.


1. Prepare Wall


Different wall conditions can influence vinyl adhesion.  For example, pre-cast concrete can have an oily surface, while walls near recent construction can be speckled with dust.  These characteristic can inhibit good adhesion.  Proper wall cleaning and preparation can ensure high quality installation of wall graphics.



2. Prepare Test Strips


Wall_Test_StripsAs you can see from the photo, all these different test strips essentially look the same.  The difference is primarily in the conforming qualities of the vinyl and the characteristics of the adhesives that are applied to the vinyl.  Examining the option with your eyes will not provide the answers.  These unique products must be applied to the surface and tested in order to understand the right product for the job.




3. Apply Test Strips to Wall



We apply six different test strips to the surface and allow them to set for 15 minutes.  Each of these strips has unique adhesive qualities and vinyl performance.  Testing a range of materials ensures that we make the best selection for our clients.







4. Measure Adhesion Characteristics



A spring scale is used to remove the test strip and calibrate the adhesive qualities on the particular surface.  As each test strip is removed, we document the force and quality of the release of the materials.  Some release smoothly while some release in a jerky manner.  If the client intends to remove the vinyl without damage to the wall, we are looking for a smooth release with a medium amount of force. 







5. Identify the Best Material for the Job 




Based on the documented results we select the vinyl that will meet our client's requirements.  In high traffic areas or areas with kids, we look for strong adhesion, so that the graphics are not easily pulled from the wall.  For areas that are out of reach, a lower level of adhesion is required.







6. Print Custom Graphics 



Custom graphics are then digitally printed on the recommended vinyl.


7.  Laminate printed graphics

For graphics in interior spaces and out of reach, there's no need to laminate.  But exterior walls, or graphics in a touchable location, a quality overlaminate will protect your investment from UV rays and dirty hands.



8.  Apply to Wall (or in this example a door)





This is the fun part!  Vinyl goes up on the wall and a room is transformed. 











9.  Enjoy


IMG_0013At RainMaker Signs we believe great visual communications make great things happen.  Creating a meaningfully branded environment is an affordable way to build engagement with your customers and your employees.  It isn't great if it isn't right.   Removable wall graphics are custom products designed specifically for your needs.  We hear about graphics and sign companies who put up graphics without testing and move on.  The problems become yours.  At RainMaker Signs we take the time to get it right the first time.  We care that your wall graphics are working for you to acheive your goals.  


Are you interested in custom wall graphics for your business or retail space?  Visit our wall graphics page here or visit our Pinterest Boards on custom wall murals and graphics, Corporate and Workspace Branding and Merchandising Idea Starters.   We would love to help you out.  Give us a call at 1-855-806-SIGN (7446) or click below to get a free estimate.


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