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The Secret Connection Between Your Lobby Sign and Your Employees

by Yuki Chan on August 18, 2015

Usually when a company makes the decision to get a lobby sign, they think of the sign as a new decoration in their lobby, a way finding tool for its visitors, or a Marketing tool that helps their brand to raise awareness (these benefits are all true). It is very rare that we think of the impact a lobby sign can bring to a company's employees. But the fact is, it matters! The lobby sign is part of the environment that your employees work in everyday. That immobile metal or acrylic does actually trigger your employees' emotional feelings. 

Here's how your lobby sign is related to your employees' emotions:


1) Companionship

When you enter your office, the first object that you see is probably your lobby sign. This is also true for your employees. Your lobby sign not only greets your visitors, but your employees as well. It represents your company and greets every single employee everyday. Your lobby sign witnesses your employees' every working day from the moment he or she clocks in until the moment he or she takes off.  This is why getting a good lobby sign is very important. 

2) Safety

The Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is a model that describes the five stages of motivational pattern of a human. Once a human obtains satisfaction of a bottom level, he or she works harder in order to achieve the next higher level. "Safety" is the second level in the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs model. And having the security of employment is one of the "Safety" needs that humans work for. A research by the Society For Human Resource Management has discovered that Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y have all agreed that job security is an important consideration for a job offer. By installing a lobby sign in your business, it assures your employees that they are working for a long-term business, and this is not the kind of company that will close down anytime soon. Moreover, this kind of assurance applies to your visitors and customers as well. 

3) Sense of Belongingness

After satisfying your employees' "Safety" needs, a lobby sign also helps to remind your employees that they belong to your company. Instead of considering the office to be just a work space, your lobby sign helps your employees to associate your business as their second home. In other words, your lobby sign is also a "Welcome Home" sign to your employees, reminding them the support and love they get from their work family.   Like a country's flag to its citizens, a lobby sign creates a common symbolic bond among employees.

4) Organizational Culture

One common content that businesses put on their lobby sign is short phrases or terms that describe their company culture. As mentioned earlier, the lobby sign is regularly seen during your employees' work journey everyday. This helps your employees to bring on the right spirit and attitude towards their entire working day. In The Owner Quotient, a book written by three Harvard Business School professors, they mentioned that organizational culture is the key to labor cost advantages. They also provided many other compelling reasons that explain why investing in organizational culture brings competitive advantages to businesses. A recent article in the Bellevue Business Journal, "Building a Strong Brand Inside Your Organization" describes the economic benefits of promoting your brand inside your company in order to release the power within your organization to effectively market your brand to your potential customers.  

5) Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment

Installing a lobby sign can help you to increase your employees' job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Whether your employees are satisfied in their jobs is dictated by their overall commitment to your company. However, that sense of commitment takes time to develop. A lobby sign is a tool of reinforcement that stores and recalls your employees' memories on the job and satisfaction they obtained from your business.

Act Now

Getting a lobby sign means more than having your company name in the lobby. It is a physical evidence that is mutually shared in both you and your customers' experiences, as well as, you and your employees' moments of success. 

Do you have a lobby sign in your business? Perhaps it is time to get one. RainMaker Signs have experts that can help you to pick the right design, style, material, size, and location for your perfect lobby sign. To reach RainMaker Signs, call us at 425-961-7446 or 855-806-SIGN (7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com. The RainMaker Signs team looks forward to work with you on different types of lobby sign projects. Click below to request a quote.

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To learn more about lobby sign projects, please visit our Lobby Sign FAQ page. 

Also, check out some other beautiful lobby signs that we made for our clients by clicking here

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