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5 Types of Monument Signs that Deliver Customers to Your Door

by Deborah Scott on August 27, 2014

Monument Signs Are Identifiers, Landmarks, Navigation Aides and Branding - They Bring Customers and Guests to Your Front Door


So first things first  - what are Monument Signs?

Monument signs are free standing outdoor structures used to designate the entrances of retail centers, corporate campuses, hospitals and medical facilities, housing developments, churches, apartment buildings, schools, entertainment complexes, community centers, corporate businesses, and any type of organization with a phyical space. They should be eye catching, visually impressive and capture the building or campus architecture.  They are an essential part of business identity signage.  

Monument signs are typically positioned near all the streets that pass directly by the building and identify the tenant or tenants of the building.  As a prospective customer (employee, guest, supplier, etc.) approaches your business, this will be the first identification and branding they encounter.  It provides assurance that they are in the right location and helps them navigate entry to access roads or parking lots for your building or business access.   

These outdoor signs are designed to fit the architectural of the building and support either identification for single or multiple tenants.  Monument signs are custom designed, fabricated and installed for a specific location and building, so they come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and forms.

Below we've outlined the 5 common types of monument signs.  Keep in mind, this is only the tip of the iceberg and that there are endless possibilities for materials, size, shape, construction and installation.

1. Architectural Free Standing Building Sign

monument2These architectural monument signs are typically used for single tenant buildings.  They are designed and crafted with a variety of innovative light weight, yet durable materials designed specifically for long term out door use.  The facades can include wood, stucco, brick, stone, or any type of surface to match the style of the building.  To be seen at night, these signs can be illuminated from within or list by external flood type lights.


2. Post and Panel Signs

Post-and-Panel-Monument-Sign-RainMaker-SignsPost and panel are used for both single and multi-tenant buildings.  Like the architectural free standing signs above, post and panel signs can be made of a variety of materials.  These signs can be straight forward as in this example or be made with elaborately carved and painted wood panels for upscale properties.  High contrast colored graphics help these businesses pop.  A driver passing by can quickly identify the retail business they are looking for.

Post and panel signs are lit with external lighting for night time visibility.


3. Pylon Signs

pylon-signA pylon sign is typically created using a single cabinet set atop a pole or positioned between tall poles.  These signs are specifically designed to support multiple tenants.  Pylon signs attract pedestrian and driver's attention and help them identify businesses within busy complexes.   If you are leasing space with a pylon sign on the property, make sure your lease provides specific information about the size and position for your business specific panel.  When designing your section of signage keep it large, simple and high contrast.  You can see in this example, it can quickly become challenging to identify individual businesses so keep it simple.  If you have a complex logo, this is the time to bring it down to basics.  

Pylon signs are usually internally illuminated to attract shoppers to the mall or center day and night.



4. Outdoor Directory Signs

Monument_with_Tenant_Signage_day_night_acrylicOutdoor directory signs are most commonly seen in multi-tenant business parks or buildings.  They are also often used (as in this example) in retail areas with restrictive sign regulations that prevent the use of illuminated signage or colorful branding.  While this may not seem as exciting as other types of monuments signs, keep in mind how important it is for your customer or guest to be reassured that they have arrived at the right destination.  Make sure your business is included on your building road side directory.   


5. Digital Display

digitaldisplayAnd here we finish up with the flashiest monument sign of all - the digital display.  This sign is the flashy relative of the free standing monument sign out lined above.  These signs are typically used for entertainment centers, retail businesses, schools, churches and other organizations with a dedicated building and an active schedule of events or promotional offers.  These signs provide identity, but also provide important messages. about current or upcoming events or promotional offers.  The illumination and movement make them impossible to miss.



Whether you are designing a new monument sign from scratch or adding your business to an existing sign, make sure you take advantage of  this signage opportunity.  Consider how you felt the last time you struggled to find the location of a business and make sure you are providing a great wayfinding and branding experience for your customer and business.  

The sign experts at RainMaker Signs are ready to help you create that great impression.  Just give us a call at 855-806-7446 or email answers@RainMakerSigns.com.   Already know what you're looking for?  You can also just click below to request a quote.  

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