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Wall Graphic Evaluation - Are Your Wall Graphics SMART?

by Yuki Chan on May 25, 2016

A lot of businesses have wall graphics in their offices and service environments. No matter where the wall graphics are placed, there must be a reason why it would be created in the first place. Every wall graphics or wall mural carries a special meaning, or to be precise, a mission. This mission is the goals projected by the business owners or the employees that were in charge of the wall graphics project. However, were such goals being effectively communicated to others (especially the targeted audiences) or even significant enough to influence them? The effectiveness of a wall graphic can be evaluated with five objectives: (S)pecific, (M)otivational, (A)ttention, (R)elatable, and (T)ime.  

A Wall Graphic With A Specific Mission

specific_wall_graphics_SMART_wall_graphics_rainmaker_signs_bellevue_wa.jpgThe first objective is "Specific."Look at your wall graphics, can you easily grasp the reason why it exists? What were the initial goals that you want the wall graphics to achieve? And can you or even your viewers specifically point it out? Let's take the office wall mural on the left as an example. It is very obvious that this wall mural is to showcase the company's values (check out this blog post to learn more about company mission wall graphics). A wall graphic that fails to transmit a message is meaningless. Even if it conveys a message, is it the specific message that you aimed to tell before you create this wall graphics? Thus, setting a goal (here is a list of possible goals for your wall graphics) should always be the first step of any wall graphics project. 

Motivate And Influence Viewers

motivational_wall_mural_SMART_wall_graphics_rainmaker_signs_bellevue_wa.jpgDoes the wall graphics have any influencial effect on its viewers? If the goal of the wall graphics is to show a company's values, it should be able to reinforce these values to employees and allow them to incorporate them into their work. An effective wall graphic should be able to motivate its viewers for a follow-up action. Like the fitness center wall mural on the left, it gives out a positive energy to its viewers and encourage them to work out. The follow-up action should be in alignment to the goals of the wall graphics. Even if the wall graphic does not lead to an immediate action, it should leave its viewers something to think about or at least create an impression to the viewers. 

Draw Attention At The Right Location

attention_grabbing_office_wall_mural_rainmaker_signs_bellevue_wa.jpgFor a wall graphic to motivate or influence its viewers, it has to be seen first. An effective wall graphic should be able to grab people's attention. There are a few factors that affect the number of views of a wall graphic: the design, the size, and the location of the wall graphic.

The design: what is the color of the wall graphic? Does it create a great contrast with its background? If a wall graphic looks too natural from its environment, it can be easily ignored. 

The size: A wall graphic that is too small is negligible, but a wall graphic that is unproportionally huge in comparison to the surrounding environment can be overwhelming and difficult to understand. Finding a fine balance between size and attention is essential for an effective wall graphic. 

The location: Just like any retail business, the success of a wall graphic is related to the location it is installed. If it is placed in an area where no one will pass by, it is not likely to be seen. Places like the waiting room, the lobby, a wall inside a conference room, or a hallway that people will definitely pass through are ideal wall graphic locations that will have people's attention. 

Relating To The Targeted Audiences 

relatable_wall_graphics_rainmaker_signs_bellevue_wa.jpgHow does the wall graphic appeal to its targeted audiences? It is very important for the wall graphics to be relatable to its targeted audiences. Just like a school mascot wall graphic, it represents the common identity of the school's students, alumni, and faculties. A wall graphic is a channel that connects the viewers with a brand, a product, a service, or even a community (find out how businesses and customers are connected with wall graphics here). If the targeted viewers cannot gain resonance with the message of the wall graphics, it means that the wall graphics failed its original goals. 

The Effective Time Frame Of The Wall Graphic

time_wall_graphics_rainmaker_signs_bellevue_wa.jpgSome wall graphics are created for a designated time frame, such as a holiday, a promotion, or a particular event. Once that period is over, the wall graphic is no longer relevant and should be removed or replaced with new wall graphics. It would be at best for wall graphics to be replaced after a certain period to keep a fresh image to its targeted audiences. In addition, the wall graphics should also be replaced before it show signs of deterioration, such as falling off or fading. An irrelevant or deteriorating wall graphic has the potential to hurt viewers' first impressions towards a brand. 

SMART And Effective Wall Graphics

small-CTA-free-ebook-wall-graphics-murals-guideWall graphic evaluation should be done from time to time to ensure the effectiveness of the wall graphic. It should be value-adding to the brand or business that it is representing from the moment it is installed until it is removed. Wall graphics that fail any of the SMART objective should be considered to be replaced. Check out RainMaker Signs' Portfolio page to see how other brands and businesses express themselves in a SMART way. 

Planning to replace your ineffective wall graphics? Give RainMaker Signs a call at 855-806-SIGN (7446) or 425-861-7446 or email us at answers@RainMakerSigns.com for professional assistance.   

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