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How to Achieve Great Wall Graphics - Start to Finish

by Deborah Scott on March 11, 2014

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Great Results

You have a fantastic vision or idea in your head and you want to get it on your wall.  This article outlines the steps involved in bringing your vision to life.  These same steps apply whether your goals are merchandising, branding, building esprit de corps or creating an impressive decor in your office, work space or home.

1. Identify Goals

RainMaker-Signs-Retail-Merchandising-Removable-Wall-GraphicsWhen working with your sign and graphics company begin by sharing your goals and objectives associated with your wall graphics or murals.  There are a variety of goals and objectives associated with wall graphics.

  • Creating a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing environment
  • Merchandising products and services
  • Announcing a sale or event
  • Enhancing the decor of your home or retail space
  • Brand building in physical spaces
  • Wayfinding and navigation in buildings, garages, stairwells, etc
  • Creating esprit de corp in schools, stadium, grand stands and other student and fan based locals
  • Sharing mission and values or other information with employees
  • Pretty much any type of visual communications and signage objective

This is also the perfect stage to discuss the duration of your graphics since this is likely tied with your goals.  Merchandising wall graphics and home decor murals are often printed on removable materials.  These graphics come off neatly when you are finished with no harm to your wall.  Alternatively, a school or daycare may desire a more permanent material that will hold well to young curious hands.  

2.  Idea or Concept

Based on your goals and objectives the next step is to describe the general space and concept you have in mind.  This is a good point to share photos of your space and specific communication points you want to get across, along with logos, photography, colors, or other image references that are informing your direction.

3. Site Visit 

The site visit is important for two important reasons - measurement and materials.  During the site visit we can take measurements to determine the size of your graphics or wall mural.  In addition, we can perform a wall test to determine what materials work best for your wall surface.  See Test Before You Apply to learn more about the benefits of performing a materials wall test before applying graphics to you walls.   Finally, this is the opportunity to see and discuss how much traffic and touching your wall graphics will be exposed to.  For high traffic areas, like hallways, doorways and stairwells, you may want to laminate your graphics before applying to help them hold up wear and tear.

RainMaker-Signs-Office-Wall-Murals4.  Design and Proofs

RainMaker Signs has in house designers to help you with your designs and access to thousands of images that can be used to create amazing murals.  If you already have your own designs we are happy to create your wall graphics with those designs as well.  RainMaker Signs uses a digital proofing process making it easy for you to review proofs, make changes, or give the "thumbs up" before your graphic is produced.

5.  Printing, Cutting & Laminating

We print your new wall graphics on a HP Latex wide format printer.  This digital printer has the capability of printing large and small photographic images with amazing resolution and clarity.  The latex ink is environmentally friendly and can print to a large variety of materials from fabrics, to traditional pasted wall papers, to adhesive backed vinyl graphics material.  Latex inks have the added benefit of being approved for hospitals, labs, and food service locations.  If your graphics include cut out shapes, our state of the art Graphtec cutter is programmed to cut your graphics with precision.  Finally, for those graphics to be located in highly-trafficked areas, your graphics are sent through a laminator that will provided a protective coating and preserve the quality of your digitally printed graphics.

6.  Installing

For smaller graphics, say under 3', you may choose to install yourself.  It is just like applying a large sticker to the wall.  See How to Apply and Remove Window Graphics. For full walls or larger graphics you may choose to have professional installation.  RainMaker Signs installers have over 15 years of experience installing wall murals and graphics.  We offer installations at a standard square foot pricing.


RainMaker-Signs-fitness-wall-graphics7. Enjoy

You will be amazed by how custom graphics, designed specifically to achieve your goals, can transform a room.  And your customers will too.




Are you interested in custom wall graphics for your business or retail space?  Visit our wall graphics page here or visit our Pinterest Boards on custom wall murals and graphicsCorporate and Workspace Branding and Merchandising Idea Starters.   Interested in learning more?  Download our free ebook - The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Great Wall Graphics and Murals.



We would love to help you out.  Give us a call at 1-855-806-SIGN (7446) or click below to get a free estimate.



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