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RainMaker Signs Designs New Wall Graphics for Google - Kirkland WA

by Deborah Scott on July 15, 2014

Google is known for creating fun, creative work environments for their employees. Google's office interiors are original and inspiring.  Check out our Pinterest Board with Images of Google Office Interiors or visit these articles in Deezen, New York times and Geekwire to learn more about Google office interiors. 

According to Harvard Business School Professor Teresa Amabile "there's some evidence that great physical space enhances creativity.  The theory is that open spaces that are fun, where people want to be, facilitate idea exchange.  I've watched people interact at Google and you see a cross-fertilization of ideas."


When Google asked RainMaker Signs to design and install wall graphics for a variety of spaces in their Kirkland, Washington offices, we jumped at the chance.  The focus of the project was to design, fabricate and install wall graphics for two mini-kitchens and a variety of rooms and spaces throughout the building.  Google uses fun naming conventions rather than just numbers for their spaces  In many cases those names are related to the local area to create a quick reference to rooms and meet-up spaces throughout the buildings.

RainMaker-Signs-Wall-Graphics-Google-Kirkland-OfficesThe two mini-kitchen names - Houghton Beach and Kayak were named for a local beach and popular activity on the shores of nearby Lake Washington. 

In a separate building, room names are inspired by obscure Crayola Crayon colors like Deep Space Sparkle, Milky Way, and Sonic Silver, and name labels were printed in those matching colors.   (See upcoming blog post on RainMaker Sign's technology and process for superior color management.) 

RainMaker Signs began the process by performing a site survey.  This visit involved taking measurements, evaluating the space, assessing viewing distance and angles, and performing a materials test to determine the best materials to use based on location, wall surface and time frame for the graphics.  Most importantly, this initial visit gave us a good opportunity to refine our understanding of the goals and objectives Google had for these spaces.

Google has strict restrictions on use of photography on site but gave RainMaker Signs permission to document the graphics and the installation.



The design of this custom wall graphic is meant to reflect the Kirkland culture and the Google brand.  Our design team was asked to use ocean waves as a starting point.  We were inspired by the colors of this fabulous city and the results were "on-brand", interesting and unique.  The fun energetic design reflects the culture Google looks to create for their employees.  Inside the two mini-kitchens we installed the wall decals to add energy and assist in building a wayfinding naming convention. The decals fufill Google's goals of naming and defining spaces in keeping with their office culture and philosophy!

Custom designed graphic wall wraps are easy to design, create and install when you work with the experts at RainMaker Signs. Our professional team handles all aspects of your wall wrap project from design through installation in-house, so that your experience is seamless from start to finish.

Wall-Graphics-Google-Kirkland-Offices-Mini-Kitchen-RainMaker-Signs  RainMaker-Signs-Wall-Lettering-Google-Kirkland

Learn More 

To learn more about murals and wall graphics in Kirkland and beyond visit RainMaker Signs  Everything You Need to Know About Wall Graphics or How to Achieve Great Wall Graphics - Start to Finish.   

RainMaker Signs specializes in wide format services including wall graphics, trade show displays, banners, wall murals and fleet and vehicle wraps.  You've got an opportunity and we've got the expertise to help you maximize your advertising and visual communications.  Together we can create powerful visual impressions to grow your business.

Got a mural or wall graphics project in mind?  Give us a call at 806-855-SIGN (7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com.  The RainMaker Sign Team is always happy to help you out.  Click below to request a quote.



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