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What are Self Luminous Signs?

by Deborah Scott on May 12, 2015

Reliable Glow-in-the-Dark Signs

Just think of them as "Glow-in-the Dark" signs.  Self-Luminous signs, sometimes also referred to as photoluminescent signs or self illuminated tritium signs are "glow-in-the-dark" signs that are ALWAYS ON!  They represent the most dependable exit sign available today.  These exit signs require no power connection and require no ambient light source for charging. These safety signs are completely self-contained, relying on photoluminescence to illuminate the letters of the exit sign


Why are Self Luminous Stairwell Identification Signs Important?

self-luminous-stairwell-identification-signs-bellevue-wa-rainmaker-signsThe city of Bellevue in Washington state now requires self luminous stairwell identification signs.  These signs allow you to see what floor you are on without an external power source.   For example, “South Stairwell, Level 3” would inform an emergency respondor or building occupant where they were in a stairwell .  Stairwell signs also clearly mark the safest way to exit the building in the event of an emergency.  Because they are so important in any building's emergency evacuation plan, stairwell signage often needs to meet safety specifications and city building codes.  

RainMaker Signs manufacturers luminous stairwell identification signs using LaserGlow photoluminescent sign-making materials.  Builders, contractors, property managers and business owners can choose from a variety of options, including luminescent lettering on a dark background, dark lettering on a luminescent background, tactile symbols and words. LaserGlow materials meets the current city of Bellevue and city of Seattle stairwell fire code requirements.  Our signs include tactile lettering and braille that’s ADA compliant.  

How RainMaker Signs can Help You with Compliance

Photoluminescent-self-luminous-Signage-Floor-Identification-Bellevue-WA-rainmaker-signsAt RainMaker Signs we understand that you need to meet the specific requirements dictated by your fire safety marshal, the fire code, and your specific building.  Our safety sign experts understand local sign and fire safety code requirements and can perform a site survey of your building to help you determine what stairwell signage is required for your building.  We design custom signage that is specific to your building, that will meet your needs and help you stay in compliance with city codes and most importantly, keep your building safe and operational.  

Custom Self Luminous Signs that Get Your Building Operational

RainMaker Signs creates your custom safety signs locally to meet local code requirements.  We produce signs that meet the exact specifications required by your unique building and your individual fire marshal.  We use substrates specifically engineered to exceed the photoluminescent standards. 

Our signage has the following key features

  • Completely customizable to meet the requirements of your inspector and your building
  • Custom fabricated in our Bellevue facility to meet our local clients' signage needs
  • Constructed with non-radioactive chemical light source
  • Engineered from plastic that glows in total darkness after exposure to light
  • Tactile, braille, engraved and vinyl numbering and lettering options available
  • Sign substrates are tested by independent laboratories to meet photoluminescent standards


To learn more visit City of Belleuve Public Information Handout F-54 or visit our self luminous product page.  Have questions or need a quote - give us a call at 425-861-7446 or email answers@rainmakersigns.com or click the button for a quote. 

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