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What is a blade sign? And why you might need one

by Deborah Scott on September 16, 2014

What is a Blade Sign?

blade_sign_from_long_island_sign_codeA blade sign is a type of projecting sign mounted on a building facade or storefront pole or attached to a surface perpendicular to the normal flow of traffic.  These signs are one of the most effective way of attracting foot traffic into your establishment. 

I tried to research where the name "blade sign" originated and couldn't find much.  What I have learned in writing the super short history of signs is that these are the "original retail or pub signs" - going back as far as the 14th century. As commercial business districts become more densely populated competition for customers increased.  Retail shop owners began installing larger and lower hanging signs to interrupt pedestrian traffic and attract attention. (necessitating the beginning of sign codes and ordinances)    I surmise that the name "blade" developed as these signs stuck out into the sidewalk space threatening to impale or take out a passer by.  

Why are Blade Signs Important for Retail Businesses?

Blade signs are still as important today as in the 14th century.  When you consider how a prospective customer scans their environment you will discover why a collection of signs is often necessary to help them navigate to your retail store.  Consider retail franchises who have conducted extensive research on effective signage to draw in customer traffic - they typically use 4 types of outdoor signs to help customers navigate to their store.

1.  Street Side Monument sign to be viewed from vehicle while driving

2.  Illuminated Building Sign to be seen from vehicle when entering parking lot

3.  Blade Sign viewed by pedestrians approaching store front.  A boards also serve this purpose.

4.  Window and Door Graphics to know they have arrived in the right place.


Take note next time you are in shopping mall - indoor our outdoor.  Most all retailers include a blade sign in addition to elaborate store fronts and store front and window signage.  They understand that their signs need to be in the visual path of the mall guests (pedestrians) in order to be noticed.  Without a perpendicular sign, it is possible for a customer to walk right past a store without even noticing.

The sign experts at RainMaker Signs want to help you attract new customers and grow your business.  Learn more by visiting our page on blade signs or outdoor signs.  Looking for ideas for your blade sign visit our blade sign portfolio page to see examples of our recent work or visit our Blade Sign Pinterest Board to explore a more comprehensive range of options.  If you think adding or upgrading a blade sign will help attract new customers to your business give us a call at 855-806-7446 or email us at answers@RainMakerSigns.com.  We believe great visual communications can make great things happen - and blade signs are an opportunity to make great things happen for your business.


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