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What is a wall graphic? And why you might need one.

by Yuki Chan on December 16, 2015

What is a Wall Graphic?

RainMaker-Signs-Construction-Site-Graphics-Bellevue-WAA wall graphic is a visual presentation (which can be words and/or images) affixed onto the wall in the form of a giant sticker. It can fill the entire wall, or be cut out to form finite shapes, numbers or letters on the wall.  A wall graphic is typically created using a printable wall paper, wall fabric or an adhesive vinyl for convenient application. The use of wall graphics is one of the most effective and efficient ways to grab people's attention, convey a message or brand, influence an experience, or generate interest. 

Unfortunately there's not much information about the powerful influence wall graphics can create on a viewer both consciously and subconsciouly.  What you typically find in a search for "wall graphics" is a massive amount of advertisements from companies selling wall murals or graphics and a bits of technical information about the underlying products. It is surprising because the use of designs has been around for years and years, all the way back to cave drawing. Nowadays, wall graphics are used in different locations for different purposes. These locations can be businesses, schools, libraries, gymnasiums, museums, restaurants, hospital, city halls or even homes. These images and text serve as a visual communications that sets a mood or sends a message. 

Why are Wall Graphics Important for Businesses?

Designs applied to wall surfaces are commonly found in many business locations. However, the reason why businesses put murals and graphics on their walls is more than just decorating their office space. Wall graphics are also used by businesses as a marketing tool to complete a branded customer experience or highlight their company values, just to name a few. Below are four reasons why you should consider getting a wall graphic in your business location:

  1. Instantly create the a great atmosphere for your employees and customers. 
  2. Help you to easily get noticed. 
  3. Communicate your company's working style and corporate culture to your employees and customers. 
  4. Influence the experience customers, fans, students, patients, guests, etc. have in your space.

In fact, wall graphics are actually fun to look at. Even without carefully paying attention to the details, it is people's first instinct to take in their environment. A graphic designed with the right flavor and colors for your business is sure to draw positive attention. Check out this recent article the details over 20 ways wall graphics can help you grow your business.   Learn more about adding great wall graphics to your organization with our free ebook below.


Want to see more wall graphic examples and how businesses have been using wall graphic as a marketing tool? Check out our recent wall graphics projects on our Portfolio page. RainMaker Signs'  wall graphics  Pinterest board also has other wall graphic inspirations that you can reference to. 

Interested in starting a wall graphic project and want to know more about it? Our FAQ page is a good place to start.

Request-quote-wall-graphics-bellevue,WA Ready to start your wall graphic project? Contact RainMaker Signs for help! Give us a call at 855-806-SIGN (7446) or 425-861-7446 or email us at answers@RainMakerSigns.com.  We believe great visual communications can make great things happen - and the use of wall graphics is an effective and efficient way to achieve that.

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