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What are the Right Materials to Use for Your Lobby Sign Letters and Logo

by Yuki Chan on August 2, 2016

Metal, foam, PVC, and acrylic, these are all common materials used for making lobby signs. They all help to add dimension to a lobby sign and create a great visual impression - a meaningful impression businesses want for their customers, visitors, partners and employees. In addition, these materials can be used as a substitute for one another and even combined together. Their diversity can make it challenging to decide which materials should be used in order to bring a brand to life.

Feeling puzzled when your lobby sign maker bombards you with these material choices? No worries, we are make some sense of all your options.

Metal Letters

aero-controls-install-rainmakersigns-bellevue-WA3Nothing projects crisp, efficient reliability and permanence like solid, cast or formed metal letters. Like the material they are made from, these sign letters are typically used for companies that have been or will be around forever. (these letters are a favorite of financial institutes)   Letters made from authentic alloys and metals tend to be the most expensive, durable and the heaviest sign letters.  With the advent of new materials created to give the impression of metals, metal letters have for the most part, been relegated to outdoor use, where durability is essential.  

With many metals and finishes to choose from, your logo and letters can be custom fabricated to any shape, depth, height, or width you need.  Examples of metals include aluminum, bronze, brass, copper and steel.  In addition to a variety of metals, there are endless options in finshes for your metal letters including - brushed, polished, oxidized, rusted, gold, and painted.  

Metal Laminate Letters

brushed-metal-sign-letter-rainmaker-signs-bellevue-waMetal laminate letters are the perfect choice for creating a premium "we'll be here forever" impression with your lobby sign. Projecting permanence and stability is an important function of a lobby sign for many businesses.  With metal laminate letters you can get the appearance of cast or cut metal letters without the expense or weight of solid metal.  These sign letters are made by applying a thin layer of metal laminate to a substrate, such as foam, acrylic, or PVC.  Many different colors and finishes can be produced with these metal laminated letters.  Like their solid metal counterparts, they can be created with a vaiety of finishes like brushed or polished.

Foam Letters

Foam is one of the substrates that can be used to add dimension to your laminated letters.   Foam letters are a great option if you want depth on a lobby wall sign. In addition to metal laminates, lightweight foam letters can be laminated with an acrylic face to match a specific logo color or deliver a colorful "pop" to your sign.  These acrylic laminates come in a variety of colors to match your brand.

Acrylic Letters

Acrylic cut letters have become one of the most popular choices for indoor sign letters. These precise, laser cut letters can be colored or painted to match your business’s branding. A unique benefit of acrylic substrate letters is creating a stand-off effect by using clear acrylic as a substrate with a painted or laminated metallic face.  Acrylic letters can be cut to any shape, depth, height, or width you need.

PVC Letters 

PVC is another durable choice of material for indoor and outdoor signs. Letters can be custom paint and cut to match your business' branding and image. Aside from any standard or custom color, PVC letters can be painted with graduated colors to add vividness to your lobby sign. 

Comparing Lobby Sign Materials



Does the above information help you to gain a better understanding about the different lobby sign materials? The purpose of this comparison table is not to identify that best lobby sign-making material. Foam, acrylic, PVC, and Metal are all good materials that serve different purposes and usages. The aim of this table is to help you to find that ideal material that matches your design and company image, and breaks your budget and location constraints. Click here to also learn about the different types of lobby signs. 

More Help for Your Lobby Sign Project

Can't make decisions on size, design, and location as well? RainMaker Signs can help. We have a team of experts that can provide you advice on the size, design, location, and materials of your lobby sign project and bring that perfect lobby sign to life. To reach us, call us at 425-961-7446 or 855-806-SIGN (7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com. The RainMaker Signs team looks forward to work with you on different types of lobby sign projects. Click below to request a quote.

New Call-to-Action

To learn more about lobby sign projects, please visit our Lobby Sign FAQ page. 

Also, check out some other beautiful lobby signs that we made for our clients by clicking here


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