• Empowering Wall Mural
  • Charity Donor Recognition Display
  • Non-Profit Lobby/Reception Sign

For charities and non-profits spreading positive and inspiring messages is a necessity. Non profit signs and graphics are an effective visual communication that help non-profits to spread their values loud and clear.

Signs and graphics help charities and non-profits to: 

  • Showcase their values and missions 
  • Attract donors to their cause
  • Provide benefits to their consituents
  • Recognize donors for their generosity

RainMaker Signs can custom design, produce, and install custom signs, graphics, and displays to help you reach your goals. 

Check out an interview with Vision House, one of the charities that we have worked with on a lobby sign and a donor display project. 

quotes for signs, graphics and displays

charity_non_profits_inspiring_wall_murals_rainmaker_signs.png       charity_non_profit_donor_recognition_display_rainmaker_signs.png      charity_non_profits_lobby_reception_signs_rainmaker_signs.png