Church Signs And Graphics

Pull Community Together & Provide Essential Communication

Church signs are an essential means of communication with your church members, potential members and your greater community.  Inviting and welcoming signs and graphics in your church help your members feel they belong and create an inviting environment for new members.


Church signs and graphics facilitate a church's work in many ways, such as acquiring members, promoting missions, and pulling communities together. 


RainMaker Signs offers a variety of visual communication products to support churches' operations, from day-to-day signs and graphics to event signs and displays.


From site survey, design, production, to installation, RainMaker Signs offers an one-stop church sign shopping experience.

Support For Religious Institutions

Signs and graphics are important visual communications religious institutions use to connect with its members. Below are the six necessary qualities RainMaker Signs embeds in our church signs and graphics:

Community By adopting a church's brand colors and features into its signs and graphics design, it features a strong sense of community to church members.

Communication Church signs and graphics are an important means of communication between church and its members. Thus, ensuring their effectiveness and precision is an essential detail RainMaker Signs pays attention to.

Sense of Belonging Every exposure with the church signs and graphics is an opportunity that reinforces the sense of belonging of church members.
Beliefs Taking advantage of vibrantly designed visuals to present church mission, values, and beliefs can leave remarkable impressions to church members.

Services What kind of services and programs does your church offers? Church signage not only inform members about these activities, but also enhance their commitment and enjoyment.

Marketing Signs and graphics promote the church to its members and communities by conveying its mission, values, services, and programs. 

Church Signs And Graphics

See examples of some of the most popular church signs and graphics below:

  • Church-dimensional-letters-07-bothell-lobby-signs-rainmaker-wa.jpg
  • church-signs-bellevue-wa-rainmaker-signs.jpg
  • branded-wayfinding-signs-bellevue-wa-rainmaker-signs.jpg
  • A-Boards_Timberlake_Chruch_RainMaker_Signs_Redmond_WA.jpg
  • Cross-of-christ-lutheran-parking-signs-rainmakersigns-bellevue-wa6.jpg
  • Cross-of-christ-lutheran-parking-signs-rainmakersigns-bellevue-wa10.jpg

Church Signage Services

Services that bring appealing church signs and graphics to life:

Site Survey

RainMaker Signs' sign experts will come visit your property to offer professional advice on creating impressive church signs.


Our designers will design your unique church signage by incorporating the church's color, mission, values, and spirit.

Project Management

Whether it is sign replacement for the whole property or producing signage for special campaigns, we can manage the project for you.

Connect with your congregation with vivid signs and graphics that best represent your church!

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