Compliance and Regulatory Signs

Room Identity ADA

Rooms in publicly-accessible spaces must be ADA-compliant, but they don't have to be generic.  Standard tactile & braille signs can be a great, reasonably-priced option for many spaces.  For custom signage, a variety of materials and design options can be used to express your brand while following ADA guidelines.


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Stairway Fire Safety Exit Signs

Stairways play an important role for emergency exits, and fire codes include particular requirements for these critical signs.  In addition to size and content requirements, more and more cities require these signs to be self-luminous, so they're visible even if the power goes out.  Confirm the requirements for your building with the fire marshal, and we'll work with you to ensure compliance.



Max Occupancy Signs

When the fire marshal determines the maximum occupancy for a public meeting space, a sign must be posted with that information.  Be sure to include it in your collection of required signs to ensure a successful occupancy inspection.



Exit Signs

Keep your space safe.  Exit signs take many forms, from simple markers noting an exit point to floor maps directing people to the most efficient route in an emergency.  Standard or customized for your building, these signs are essential to ensure public safety.



Directional & Wayfinding Signs

Help visitors navigate your space with wayfinding and directional signs. First time visitors and even returning visitors and employees reply on these signage to identify location and find their way. Using simple text and pictographs, wayfinding signs are easy to understand and provide direct guidance to users. ADA compliant directional and wayfinding signage with braille and tactile lettering creates a friendly space for visually impaired visitors. 



Restroom and Other Complance Signage

Identity signage is highly customizable.  Shape, size, color, material and material combinations are designed to match the character of each individual brand and business. The right identity sign sets the tone for everyone who walks through your lobby, creating a first impression for visitors and reinforcing brand principles for employees.



Ensure safety at your space with law compliant and functional signage! 

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