What is a construction barricade?

A construction barricade is typically a temporary wall built around the construction site that blocks public access to the work area.  These barricades protect both the public and the workers on the job site.   For outdoor job sites, this barricade may be constructed with chain link fencing or plywood.  For interior or mall construction sites these temporary walls are created with dry wall or other types of temporary, even reusable, construction materials.

What are retail construction barricade graphics?

Retail barricade graphics are images and information that is applied to the outside surface of a temporary construction wall or barricade.  These graphics are printed using a wide format digital printer on self-adhesive vinyl.   These graphics can provide virtually any type of imagery and information including, but not limited to: 

  • Company name
  • Company logo
  • Product or service images
  • Product or service information
  • Announcements about opening date
  • Directions
  • Information about store open during remodel
  • Coop advertising by key suppliers
  • Contracting company information

Most property lease agreements dictate what type of information can and cannot be included on a barricade graphic.  In some cases, specific information is mandated.  Additionally, most barricade graphics require approvals from the property manager before installation.

Barricade graphics primarily come in two forms:

  • Custom printed self-adhesive rolls - like wall paper
  • Large format decals and lettering.  Think of these as big, high quality customized stickers with any color, design logo or message that one could imagine.  

What is unique about retail barricade graphics?

For mall, or retail environments, there are typically additional requirements (often spelled out in detail in lease agreements and strictly enforced) that require consumer friendly graphics to be applied to construction barricades during construction.  

Their requirements may include some of the following:

  • How much of the barricade must be covered
  • Messaging content
  • How many hours (yes hours) a barricade can be up without graphics
  • Retail store name and logo

These strict requirements exist because the mall property manager is focused on creating an inviting friendly environment for shoppers.  A blank barricade or exposed construction site detracts from a good shopping experience. 

What are the benefits of construction barricade graphics?

While barricade graphics are not always optional, the great news is there are significant benefits to be derived from installing high quality imaging and targeted messaging on your barricade graphics.  View this as a rare opportunity to have a large format billboard or ad in your retail space. 

  • Construction wall graphics can create awareness and build anticipation before your store even opens
  • Barricade graphics and murals conceal construction from the public
  • A shopping mall barricade graphics can turn a vacant store front into a large scale billboard or advertisement for your business
  • Storefront graphics promote new stores, products & services, and grand openings.
  • Increase brand exposure with vinyl wall murals.
  • Barricade graphics can identify, inform, direct, advertise, promote or create a business 
  • Storefront graphics provide consistent, targeted and repeated exposure over an extended period of time. The average shopping mall barricade is up for 12 weeks. 

In there a limit on size of barricade graphics?

No. Construction barricades are built to the specifications of the job site.  They come in all heights and lengths.  Barricade graphics are equally customizable - to fit the exact specifications of each individual barricade.  Because the vinyl is printed in large format vinyl rolls and applied in panels (like wall paper) there is no limit on the height or length of a graphic.  For very tall barricades, a scissor lift or other type of lift may be necessary to reach the top of the barricade for installation.  

Can RainMaker Signs manage production and installation for multiple locations?

Yes! With a nationwide network of 250 professional graphic installers, we can provide quick installation at any location.  We support independent and corporate owned stores and franchises at single and multiple locations.  We provided barricade graphics design, production, installation and project management new store openings, retail roll-outs, re-branding, and remodels.

We provide exceptional project management, communications and high quality wide format printing for barricade graphics nationwide.  We work indoors, outdoors, with large and small format. We have the right people in place for all of your graphic needs. 

Does RainMaker Signs provide installation services for other companies? 

Yes. Our team consists of fully insured, certified vinyl wrap installers with over 16 years of experience with barricade graphics installations.  We understand a quick turn-around and effective communication are the foundations for reliable, trusted experience for our clients.  

Can RainMaker Signs support national chain stores and franchises? 

Yes. If you are a corporate office, franchise owner or signs or graphics company looking to brand barricades in the Seattle Bellevue metro area and beyond, our team of experts will work with you to ensure proper installation and on time delivery of your branding.  

We have a nationwide network of 250 professional graphic installers and can provide quick installation at any location.  We support independent and corporate owned stores and franchises at single and multiple locations.  We provided barricade graphics design, production, installation and project management new store openings, retail roll-outs, re-branding, and remodels.

Does RainMaker Signs have resources available for after hours installation?

Yes. We recognize that most retail environments restrict barricade graphics installations to after hours so as not to disrupt or inconvenience their shoppers.  We provide after hours service. 

Does RainMaker Signs have insurance coverage and mall security clearance?  

Yes.  In fact, in most cases, our insurance coverage exceeds required minimums for the malls we service.

How much notice does RainMaker Signs require for installations?

As with any project, the more notice the better.  We understand that these projects require quick turn around with short notice.  Our project management intake form allows us to collect all essential information and contact information so we can be responsive and provide reliable project management and service for our clients.  With many moving parts and multiple stakeholders we understand that good timely communication is key. 

Is there a limit on size or height on barricade graphics installation?

No.  Projects requiring graphics installation above ___ ft may require additional lift equipment.

Where can I find info and images for RainMaker Signs barricade graphics?   

Just visit our portfolio of retail barricade graphics here.   We try to update regularly so you can see the work we are doing for our clients.

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