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What Are Promotional Banners And Flags?

Promotional banners and flags are unique type of signage and marketing that leverages bright colors and motion that attract attention!  Flying flag banners in front of your store or business creates excitement that draws people in. Multiple flag banners lined up create a compelling wall of waving color, creating an unbeatable marketing display. 

Flags and banners are also great for indoor and trade show events. Colorful flags and banners are a great addition to your display at tradeshow events and conventions. The extra tall flag banner heights tower above the rest and can be seen from greater distances helping visitors to find you and your booth. The flag banner shapes are professional and take up a small amount of booth space. All flag pole banners are portable, easy to set-up/pack-up. If you are going to multiple trade shows where height can be restricted the telescopic flag poles are the best option, this allows you to adjust the flag height as needed for each event.  Beside events, flag banners are perfect for use in lobbies, show rooms, entry ways and even outside your business.

Types Of Promotional Banners And Flags

Customized in different sizes, displays and materials, promotional banners and flags are versatile visual presentation for businesses' indoor and outdoor promotional needs. See the options of promotional flags and banners available below:

Flying Banners And Flags

Supported by a rod system, flying banners and flags are printed double-sided and comes in different shapes and models. Feather, teardrop, splash, and paddle are some of the common flying banners we encounter at outdoor promotion scenarios. Water bases are used to add weight to the banner to strengthen its support for outdoor use. RainMaker Signs offers flag pole spikes for in ground flags and cross bases for use on hard surfaces such as sidewalks. 



Pole Banners And Flags

Made of durable vinyl, pole banners are the double-sided banners seen on street poles and light poles. The vibrantly colored flags capture passersby's attentions at ease. Though small in size, they are effective in showcasing branding and provide direction guidance to viewers. The hems on the banners create pole pockets that enable them to be installed and secured. 

Vinyl Banners With Hems Or Grommets

Vinyl banners are an ideal form of permanent or temporary display. Depending on the installation space, the banners have the finishing options of hems or grommets. Hems are created by folding a section of the banner to form pockets bound by heat. Poles or rods are inserted in the pockets as support. Grommets are brass rings placed at the perimeter of the banner for hanging it with ropes or ties. Both finishing options reinforce the durability and strength of the banners.



Retractable Banners

Can be conveniently packed into a small case, retractable banners are great for any trade shows and promotional events. The banners are retractable and can be coil into its base. A rod that detaches into several sections help the banner to stand straight. The flexibility of the banner makes it easy to be stored and portable. No matter where the events are, businesses can bring along their banners to promote their brands.

Ideal Spaces For Flags And Banners

The best occasions for flags and banners to feature brands and businesses:

Banners And Flags Resources

Check out RainMaker Signs' Portfolio, Blog, and FAQ pages to learn more about flags and banners:




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custom event signs bellevue wa rainmaker signs