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What Is A Lobby Sign?

A lobby sign is a company name and/or logo fabricated from a variety of materials and installed on the wall in an entry area of a business or building.  A lobby sign provides assurance that people are in the right location and signals the quality and personality of the organization. While it may sound cliche to say that a lobby sign is important for forming a good first impression, it is really true.  When you consider all the of the people that enter your building - employees, owners, partners, vendors, recruits, etc - it is easy to understand why forming a  good impression is important.

Types Of Lobby Signs

Lobby Signs are the most direct visual representation of your business. To match your business' image, we have a variety of lobby sign designs:

Dimensional Letters on Wall or Panel

Thick materials can be cut into custom shapes and letters to accurately create your name and logo in 3-D.  These 3-D letters can be painted with custom colors or laminated with premium finishes to create the impression you desire.  The letters can be made of either metal, foam, PVC, or acrylic. All these materials make a three dimensional presentation of your business and brand. 

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Vinyl Print on Wall

An affordable, but flexible way to present your company's name and image. It can be a small or large graphic with only your name and logo - or a large wall mural that shows your brand at it fullest, with images and content that best represent your business. 

Digital Print on Panel

Beef up that vinyl logo graphic with some dimension.  A panel lobby sign, often made from clear acrylic or a lovely brushed aluminum substrate, creates a dimensional defined space for your brand.  Custom printed and cut out vinyl to match your brand can be applied to the front or back surfaces to create a variety of effects.  As an added benefit, the use of panel gives you flexibility to move the sign easily.

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Illuminated Signs

Face-lit, side-lit or back-lit, these types of illuminated signs formulate a premium image of your brand. Face-lit signs show excitement, immediacy, and energy. While, back-lit and side-lit signs can show a contemporary, sophisticated and calming quality. 

Ideal Spaces For Lobby Signs

Lobby Signs can be used in the following spaces and where visitors make first contact as they enter your business:

Lobby Sign Resources

Helpful resources that help you better understand benefits and usage of lobby signs:

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