Floor Mats And Graphics

Get Customers To Look Up From Their Phones


What Are Floor Mats?

Floor mats are placed at the entrance of a business or property to welcome visitors and to remove dirt on visitors' shoes so as to keep the interior floor clean. The design of floor mats can be customized to show brand logo, name, and welcome messages. Greeted by custom floor mats, guests feel the property's hospitality and feel welcomed.

What Are Floor Graphics?

Floor Graphics are vinyl stickers applied on the ground. Flexible to be cut into different shapes and sizes, floor graphics can show branding, logo, direction, or fill the whole space to create a special effect. RainMaker Signs' floor graphics are produced with quality vinyl material supporting heavy duty uses and laminated to prevent scratches and abrasion.

Types Of Floor Mats And Graphics

Floor Graphics and logo floor mats are a great addition to any lobby or reception area! Custom logo mats welcome your guests and make a lasting impression. We deliver sharp designs on a variety of mat surfaces. 

Custom Logo Mats

Great for retail, hospitality, medial facility, car dealerships, office, apartment, condominium and lobbies and entrances of any properties, custom logo mats boldly welcome guests of behalf of the business or organization they are stepping into. RainMaker Signs' logo mats are designed to deliver both practical and branding functions.


Floor Graphics And Murals

Lead customers into your store or guide them to the destination you want them to go using floor graphics. Promote your brand in an unique way that mark a memorable impression using floor murals. Any of these presentations guarantee customer attention and boost conversion rate whether it is sales or brand awareness. 

Stair Graphics And Murals

Decorate the stairs with graphics or murals! It is a great space that captures attention as people watch their steps to avoid being slipped or tripped. By splitting a picture into pieces that fit on the stairs, it create an impressive visual effect. Direction guiding graphics are another ideal design for stair graphics to build guest anticipation about what they are expecting by coming up the stairs.

custom corporate stair murals by RainMaker Signs Bellevue WA

Guerrilla Marketing Floor Graphics

Customer behavior had changed. As we all become more and more tech savvy, our attention's always on our smart phones instead of what's happening around us. To get customers to look up, guerrilla marketing floor graphics are a solution. The unconventional graphics steal customers' attentions from their devices to the marketing messages of brands and products, making an interruptive advertising that delight customers.

Ideal Spaces For Floor Mats And Graphics

Floor Graphics and Floor Mats make great appearances in these spaces:

Floor Graphics Resources

RainMaker Signs' Portfolio, Blog, and FAQ pages help you learn more about floor graphics:




Welcome Guests With Floor Mats And Delight Them During Their Journey With Floor Graphics!