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What Are Parking Signs?

Parking Signs are signage found in parking lots, garages, and street sides to provide clear parking direction and information. They create a positive parking experience with clear and concise communication of parking rules and regulations in a space. Customers, members, fans, students, guests, or tenants need to park to support and patronize businesses or organizations. Parking is definitely an important experience in a customer's journey that affects their brand impression. Parking spaces and signs are very important to cities, building planners, and property managers. A city, business, building, multi-tenant housing, or park must have enough parking spaces to provide their residents and their visitors a place to park their car. 

Types Of Parking Signs

RainMaker Signs can design, produce and install custom parking signs to meet your specifications. Check out the types of parking signs available below:

Standard Parking Signs

These are the regular parking signs we commonly see on the streets with a plain design of colored text with a border on a white background. They provide identification and information of the parking spot, stating whether it's reserved, paid, a no parking zone, or restricted. Standard parking signs can be made into free standing signs or installed with posts and brackets.



Custom Branded Parking Signs

To add a professional touch to parking signs and to display a brand's hospitality and care for their visitors, parking signs can be custom branded. By incorporating a brand's color, logo, and name to the signage, it creates unique parking sign designs. These custom signs can be installed on posts and brackets or placed on free standing posts.

Parking Restriction Signs

"No parking," "loading and unloading only," "5 hrs parking only," "tow away zone," these are some of the parking restriction signs we came across with during our daily parking experiences. These signs effectively regulate traffic and parking behaviors and prevent any parking disputes due to miscommunications.



Parking Direction Signs

In big parking lots and garages, parking direction signs are very helpful to drivers. They help them find their way to a parking spot close to their destination or navigate to their desired exit at ease. A frustrating wayfinding experience affects visitors' experiences in a property which in turn undermine their perceptions of a brand or organization.

Ideal Spaces For Parking Signs

Parking Signs contribute to a positive customer experience for these spaces:

Parking Signs Resources

Learn more about Parking Signs from RainMaker Signs' Portfolio, Blog, and FAQ page:




Custom Parking Signs Designed Provide Clarity and Support a Good Customer Experience

request a quote signs graphics displays rainmaker signs bellevue wa