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What Are Suite Signs?

Suite signs, or suite room signs, are the signage installed by the door or entrance to give visitors information regarding the number, purpose, name, and owner of the room. This interior office sign fulfills the important function to help visitors navigate and identify the space. Under the Americans With Disabilities Act, suite signs are mandatory for temporary spaces and have to be made and installed in specific ways. 

Types Of Office Suite Signs

Interior signage is the key to communicating with and guiding visitors, partners and staff throughout your offices and facility. RainMaker Signs offers custom suite and office signs of all types. We can recommend materials to fit your budget and enhance your image throughout your office or facility! We design, as well as assist designers, architects and owners in developing an interior sign packages that provide consistently for optimum aesthetics, branding, function and compliance.

We are experts on the requirements of signing your locations for the Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA provides those with special needs, access to public places. We’ve studied the law and with our in-house braille fabrication capabilities can provide solutions for compliance.

ADA Compliant Room Signs

It is mandatory for ADA compliant suite signs to have braille and tactile lettering. There are also specific installation guidelines on the position of ADA room signs. RainMaker Signs has our own in-house engraver that can accommodate to any ADA signage needs. Our signage experts are familiar with the Americans With Disabilities Act signage regulations. 


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Modular Signs

Modular signs come with a removable lens that allow users to conveniently change the contents displayed. These signs can be mounted on walls and come in different sizes. When the purpose or the user of the room changes, the content can be easily updated on a template and immediately printed for replacement.

Flag Signs

Mounted perpendicular to the wall, flag signs are double sided. Passersby come from either way can see the signage. This kind of room signs are ideal for rooms located along a hallway. Depending on the purpose of the room, flag signs can be customized in different shapes and sizes and can be designed with pictographs and texts.  

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Custom Room And Suite Signs

Suite signs are a relatively small scale signage compared to lobby signs or building signs. However, it is one of the earliest signs visitors encounter when they arrive at an office. That makes suite sign a crucial signage that affect first impressions. To achieve best presentation for a brand, RainMaker Signs can customize room and suite signs by combining different materials including acrylic, wood, metal, and vinyl. 

Ideal Spaces For Suite And Room Signs

These spaces look professional with customized suite and room signs:

Rooms And Suite Signs Resources

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Create A Great Navigation System With Suite And Room Signs In Your Space! 

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