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What Is A Directory?

A directory is signage that shows a list of businesses that operate in a building or property and their locations. It is an important sign for navigation and helps guide visitors to their desired destination. The directory can be placed both outdoor and indoor (or both) depending on where it is more visitor friendly. 

What Are Wayfinding Signs?

Wayfinding signs are visual aids that provide direction guidance to visitors and help them identify a space. Direction signs that indicate left or right turns and room signs that give names to spaces are considered as wayfinding signs. These signs are adopted both outdoor and indoor and they are essential in our everyday lives.

Types Of Directory And Wayfinding Signs

Help your customers and guests find their way throughout your facility with custom directories and wayfinding signage. RainMaker Signs can help you with directories, overhead signs, evacuation signs, wall and suite signs that are easy to read so that your guests may find their way to their destination quickly. The core elements of a wayfinding system should work together to assist users in:

- Knowing where they are

- Identifying their destination and following the best route

- Recognizing their destination upon arrival

- Safely returning back to their point of origin

A major objective of wayfinding systems is to fulfill the accessibility needs of special user groups, including those with varying degrees of visual impairment. RainMaker Signs works to develop wayfinding systems that assist users in all types of places such as schools, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, apartment buildings, condominiums and shopping centers. We stress design flexibility, superior functionality, updating efficiency, and attractive appearance to provide lasting wayfinding and signage solutions. RainMaker Signs is an authorized distributor of Visa Systems and Sign Pro Systems and many more. 


Building directories, suite directories, and mall directories are some of the common directory signage we came across with in our daily lives. Directories can be made in different materials and presentations. It can be a bold and apparent stand alone signage or minimal and space saving wall and window graphics.

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Wayfinding Signs

Turn left, go straight, make a right, wayfinding signs direct visitors to their destinations in the easiest way. They can be installed on the walls or overhead to make an obvious presence. Illuminated, acrylic, vinyl graphics, and metal are some possible forms of presentation for wayfinding signs. 


Suite Signs

Suite signs label names and purposes for rooms and spaces. They are mandatory for permanent spaces and the Americans With Disabilities Act requires these signage to have tactile lettering and braille. Using different materials, suite signs can be customized to show text and logo and showcase branding.

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Evacuation Signs

Evacuation maps and fire safety signs are must-have wayfinding signage as part of a building's means of egress. Their existence is essential to ensure a smooth evacuation during emergencies. City fire codes require buildings fulfilling certain criteria to have self-luminous fire safety signs in their stairwells. 

Ideal Spaces For Directory And Wayfinding Signs

Great directions contribute to a positive experience in these spaces:

Directory And Wayfinding Signs Resources

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Provide an Easy Intuitive Navigation Experience To Visitors With Directory And Wayfinding Signs! 

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