Donor Displays

Show Your Gratitude And Inspire Others To Contribute

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What Are Donor Displays?

Donor displays are visual public displays of appreciations that organizations such as charities, non-profits, and schools display in their facilities to showcase gratitude to their donors, contributors, and supporters. Effective donor recognition displays have the following qualities:
  • Inspires giving  
  • Acknowledges the contribution of individuals and organizations
  • Get's Noticed
  • Works in harmony with existing architecture and wall obstacles
  • Connects contributions to goal attainment (or visual benefits)
  • Did we mention - inspires additional giving?

Types Of Donor Displays

RainMaker Signs can help you with custom designed and fabricated donor wall displays that will leave an impression on past, present and future contributors to your organization. Donor recognition displays come in all shapes and sizes. These influential displays are most typically created using unique designs and materials in the following ways:

Acrylic Wall Displays On Stud Mounts

Digitally printed acrylic panels are a great way to show appreciation to donors, sponsors, and contributors. These permanent displays can be custom designed into different structures and layouts to present a compelling story about the organization's meaningful cause and how it tugged their supporters' heartstrings.

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Engraved Plaques And Panels

Aside from acrylic, metal or a composite of different materials can also be made into donor displays. Silver aluminum is a material commonly used by organizations and institutions to create a permanent and sophisticated image. RainMaker Signs' in-house engraver can precisely engrave any letters and logos .

Banners And Temporary Displays

Want to appreciate donors, sponsors, or contributors on events or special occasions? Banners and temporary displays like retractable banners and step-and-repeats are a great option. These displays can be conveniently stored and transported. 


Wall Murals And Graphics

Wall murals and graphics are yet another option for donor displays. Whether it is a mural that covers the whole wall or lettering and graphics, a wall mural can create an impressive visual communication. The flexibility of vinyl material creates vibrant visuals that honor donors, sponsors, and contributors.

Ideal Spaces For Donor Displays

Show gratitude and recognition to donors and contributors in these spaces:

Donor Display Resources

Check out RainMaker Signs' Portfolio, Blog, and FAQ pages and learn more about donor displays:




Show Your Appreciation To Donors And Contributors With Custom Donor Recognition Displays! 

request a quote signs graphics displays rainmaker signs bellevue wa