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What Are Window Graphics?

Window graphics are texts, illustrations, patterns, or shapes applied on windows. Made of adhesive vinyl films, window graphics can have many diverse looks, customized to fit a space's needs, a brand's characters, or a promotion's goals. Logos, brand names, mission statements, values, and advertising messages can be made into vibrant and vivid window graphics. In addition, window graphics fulfill practical functions to provide identification, information, and navigation.

Types Of Window Graphics

RainMaker Signs offers high definition, full color printing of all kinds of window signage and graphics. Custom printed full color window graphics are a great way to promote your business or organization by making use of your valuable window real estate. 

Opaque/Transparent Vinyl Window Graphics

Custom printed full color, frosted, or single color adhesive vinyl window graphics are available in a wide variety of styles and adhesive formulations designed to accommodate almost any need.  We can print on any adhesive vinyl with either permanent or temporary adhesives. Adhesive vinyl graphics can also be laminated for longer life, better durability and easier installation. Because of the variety of materials available and wide range of uses, we recommend giving us a call to determine the best adhesive vinyl solution for your requirements.




Perforated Window Graphics

Perforated window graphics create an opaque impression from the outside while allowing you to see out from the inside.  Custom printed full color perforated window graphics are available in several variations to suit your particular requirement. It can be used for short-term or longer-term promotions with proper material selection.  Typical perforation patterns include 50/50, which provides the most visibility through the graphic; 60/40; and 65/35, which provides the most vivid graphic prints due to the extra percentage of printable area.  Adhesives typically allow easy graphic removal within 1-2 years, depending on the specific product and use.

Window Cling Graphics

Custom printed full color window clings are available in white and clear in both removable adhesive and true static cling versions.  Static clings are typically used for temporary promotions with a rated material life of up to 3 months outdoors, longer indoors depending on conditions.

meeting room frosted window vinyl Rainmaker Signs Seattle WA

Etched/Frosted Window Film

For office or retail, there are endless possibilities for branding, privacy or sophisticated effects with frosted window films.  To learn more by visiting our Frosted Glass Window Graphics page.   

Ideal Spaces For Window Graphics

The "windows of opportunities" where window graphics are commonly adopted:

Window Graphics Resources

Check out RainMaker Signs' Portfolio, Blog, and FAQ pages and learn more about window graphics:




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