Frosted Window Films

Create the Right Level of Privacy for Your Work Space

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What Are Frosted Window Films?

Frosted window films are translucent, but not transparent adhesive vinyl films that can be applied to a variety of surfaces, most commonly to glass doors and windows.  It typically has a dusted matte type finish.  Some types of frosted window film have small reflective particles that add a very subtle sparkle. You can think of frosted window film as a big customizable sticker.  Application of frosted window film involves applying pressure-sensitive frosted vinyl to a clean glass surface by hand. This big, high quality, cut-able and/or printable sticker can be customized with any color, design logo or message that one could imagine.  

Types Of Frosted Window Graphics

Make your glass windows translucent, but not transparent. Frosted or dusted crystal vinyl graphics are the perfect solution for your window privacy needs. They are less expensive than traditional etched glass while at the same time removable and create an upscale diffused look. Custom cuts of the material can reveal your design, patterns, message, or logo and fit any space with the exact shape desired including curves. 

Full Scale Coverage Frosted Window Films

Looking for absolute privacy? Frosted window films are great block outs that can cover the whole window or glass door to conceal outside views into your space. The opacity of frosted glass films still enable natural lights to shine through delivering both openness of space and privacy.




Partial Coverage Distraction Bandings

Glass walls are commonly adopted in offices as an alternative to brick walls to create spaciousness and an unrestricted workplace to stimulate innovation and inspiration. However, accidents when a concentrated employee passes by without noticing the transparent wall. A band of frosted window films can be applied on the walls as a distraction banding to prevent these accidents.

Custom Cut Logos And Texts

The "frosted" look of the material subtly showcases brand logos and messages without making too much of a distraction in a space. This presentation of brands illustrate a prestigious image and the organization's emphasis on keeping confidentiality of their works and their clients' information. Whether it is a simple logo, brand name, or a complicated pattern and lengthy messages, frosted window vinyl can be applied for any custom designs.

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Etched Window Graphics

Another way to feature branding on frosted window vinyl is by carving them out, creating etched graphics. While most part of the covered surface remains opaque, the etched section becomes transparent enabling viewers to see through. The unique presentation professionally exhibits a brand.  

Ideal Spaces For Frosted Window Graphics

These spaces use frosted window vinyl for privacy and custom branding

Frosted Window Films Resources

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Frosted Window Graphics Fulfill Functional And Branding Needs For A Space.

frosted window films bellevue wa