Decorative Window Film

Frosted Window Vinyl: A Multi-Purpose Interior Solution

Privacy Window Films

Frosted window vinyl transforms an open area into a private space. It establishes a confidential environment while allowing for natural light to pass into the space.  Our team can help you determine what style and type of coverage will help you meet your organizational and interior design objectives.  Frosted window films are perfect for:

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Distraction Bands for Safety

Glass is a commonly used building material for windows, doors, and walls. Its transparent quality enhances the luminosity of a space. However, accidents can happen when people are not aware of the glass structure.  Distraction graphics prevent accidents by subtly highlighting the existence of the glass without interfering with visibility.  Our team can help you create a pattern involving text, your logo, or any other decorative element to create visual interest and awareness while improving the safety of your space.



Branding With Etched Window Films

Frosted window films can be customized to showcase your brand. It can feature your logo, company name, brand design elements, company values - the possibilities are endless. Use your brand to complement your objectives for privacy or safety in a subtle and sophisticated way.  Frosted or opaque window branding enhances any workspace. 



Decorative Window Graphics

Transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary with decorative window graphics! Opaque or frosted vinyl can be custom cut into different shapes and patterns that subtly decorate glass windows and walls. These creative designs spark creativity and inspiration in work places. 



Colored Window Films

Window films come in different colors, finishes, and light transmission levels. It is a great material to mimic a stained glass effect or for any window's decorative or advertising need. Even if the whole window is applied with colored films, a certain level of natural lights will still shine into the space. 



More About Decorative Window Films

Being a highly customizable graphics material for glass surfaces, frosted window vinyl is widely adopted by different industries, such as offices, financial institutions, retail, etc. These graphics serve as advertisements, direction signs, room signs, or privacy screens that add value to the business and even their customers' experience with them. 



Benefit your brand with the unique features frosted window films deliver!

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