Interior Identity Signage

Dimensional Logos and Letters

Dimensional letters & logos are the classic choice for reception signs, with a high-end look that inspires confidence among visitors as well as team members.  Interior dimensional lobby signs are typically constructed of acrylic or high-density foam, with a brushed metal laminate face, or painted to match your logo colors.  Whether placed directly on the wall, set off the wall with spacers, or placed on a panel for added substance, a dimensional reception sign makes a strong first impression.


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Acrylic Panel Signs

For complex logos with a variety of colors, an acrylic panel with digitally-printed logo is a great value.  Gradients and overlapping colors are easily represented, and the rear side of the panel may be left clear or backed with frosted vinyl to control the background color and manage contrast.  Mounted with standoffs, an acrylic panel is also easily moved if your business expands into new space.  With a moderate price and quick turnaround, acrylic panel lobby signs are a popular choice for emerging businesses.


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Reception Wall Murals & Graphics

A printed vinyl logo or full-coverage mural in your reception area offers the flexibility to fully realize your vision for projecting your brand.  Any size, any design, can be created and installed quickly, and within your budget, whatever that may be. 


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Window Branding

Create an impression before visitors walk through the door with the sophisticated look of frosted window film.  Use full coverage with a logo cut out for privacy, or simply cut your logo in frosted film for a more subtle display.

For more presence, use printed or single-color opaque vinyl for text and graphics in designs that are limited only by your creativity.


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Other Panel Signs

When an acrylic panel isn't the right choice, other options can offer the right look and price point for your goals.  A brushed aluminum panel can provide a dynamic contrast to printed or dimensional graphics, and other panel choices can simulate distressed or natural materials as well.  Bring us your unique vision and we'll work with you to select the right combination of materials to achieve the look you want. 


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More about Identity Signage

Identity signage is highly customizable.  Shape, size, color, material and material combinations are designed to match the character of each individual brand and business. The right identity sign sets the tone for everyone who walks through your lobby, creating a first impression for visitors and reinforcing brand principles for employees.


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