What is a lobby sign?

A lobby sign is a company name and/or logo fabricated from a variety of materials and installed on the wall in an entry area of a business or building.  A lobby sign provides assurance that people are in the right location and signals the quality and personality of the organization. While it may sound cliche to say that a lobby sign is important for forming a good first impression, it is really true.  When you consider all the of the people that enter your building - employees, owners, partners, vendors, recruits, etc - it is easy to understand why forming a  good impression is important.

A lobby sign is defined more by it's location than by the specific style or type of materials.  It is typically placed on a wall directly opposite the main door or on the wall behind a receptionist desk  There really is no one-size-fits-all for lobby signs.  Each lobby sign is uniquely designed and fabricated to suite the physical space and the business name and brand.

What materials are used to make lobby signs?

The materials and technology available in the sign industry today make it easier to design and fabricate all types of lobby signs including custom one-of-a-kind lobby signs.  There are a variety of materials used for reception including, but limited to:

  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Acrylic
  • Acrylic Laminate
  • Laser Cut Acrylic
  • PVC
  • Foam and Gatorfoam
  • Metal Laminate
  • Wood
  • Formed Plastic
  • Flat or Cast Metal
  • Laser Cut Steal
  • Digitally Printed Cut Vinyl
  • Frosted Glass Film
Can different materials be combined to make custom lobby signs? 

Absolutely.  In fact most lobby signs are made from a combination of materials.  RainMaker Signs can easily mix and match materials to achieve the look you desire for your lobby sign.  You can choose from a wide range of standard colors and finishes or select custom colors and finishes to match your brand.  

What materials do most companies choose for their lobby signs?

Dimensional 3D letters in colored or brushed metal finishes are very popular.  These dimensional letters can be mounted directly to the wall or applied to a metal or acrylic panel to create a dramatic effect.

What size logo sign do I need?

We usually refer to size for a logo as the "overall length". This means you would say you want your logo 4 feet long, 6 feet long, etc. This is best determined by taking a measuring tape and some masking tape into the reception area or wall, and actually putting the masking tape on the wall, and trying to visualize the appropriate size. View from outside the doors and from all angles to see how the sign would be noticed. It is also a matter of personal preference though. There is no hard and fast rule. One rule of thumb is to leave enough space on each side of the logo. For example if your wall is 10 feet wide. A 6 foot logo would give you a nice 2' of space on each side.

Sign letters that are applied to a panel or substrate may be smaller.  Because the company name and logo are "framed" by the backer panel these types of signs tend to stand out in a larger space.  

What letter size do I need?

A basic rule is that 2" letters are readable from 10-15 feet away. Then add one inch to the letter height for every 20 feet of distance they need to be read from. If you can fit a larger letter size, they will be easier to read.

Do you help companies choose the right colors and combinations of materials for their brand?

Yes we do.  It is very important that a companies lobby sign reflect the character and personality of the company and brand.  For example, you often see professional services businesses like law and consulting firms choose straight forward brushed metal letters applied directly to the wall.  This reflects the expected conservative nature of these firms and the cues potential clients look for when visiting their offices.  Technology companies, on the other hand, often choose to have wall murals or clear acrylic panels with bold colored digitally printed vinyl or dimensional letters.  This type of lobby sign feels dynamic and contemporary, again like the personality of the companies that they represent.  

What is the best lighting for a new lobby sign?

For non-illuminated signs we recommend directing a light source on the sign to produce the desired effect. For illuminated signs there are may styles to choose from including halo light, back lit and edge-lit signs.  Each of these offers a unique  light effect.  

How are lobby signs attached to the wall?

Lobby sign letters can be mounted directly to the wall or placed on an acrylic panel.  You can also choose a brushed aluminum panel or painted acrylic or PVC panel.  These types of signs are typically installed using brushed standoff mounts which create some space between the wall and the panel.  Signs mounted with panels are easier to move should you plan to move to a new location. Where a more dimensional effect is desired it is best to mount the signs between 1/2 inch and 1/2 inch off the wall using decorative metallic hardware.  We take care in mounting our signs to ensure each letter or symbol is perfectly aligned.

Can I install my new lobby sign myself?

Sure. RainMaker Signs dimensional letters come with a precise installation pattern, making the installation really easy and straightforward. A contractor or handyman, comfortable with a drill, level, anchors etc should be able to do the installation. We can also handle your installation for you in most US cities.

Can my lobby sign be in the shape and colors of my logo?

Of course!  Any logo can be  made into a lobby sign.  The mark of a creative sign company is to enable the lobby sign to reflect the character and personality of the company.  That is achieve after consideration of the materials used and fabrication process.  

Do I need a permit?

Typically, building leases outline what tenants can do with exterior building signs or suite signs in common areas.  What you choose to hang inside your space is typically left to you.

Can you match suite signs to my lobby sign?

Sure.  For private offices and public access buildings, it enhances the company experience to incorporate branding and complementary materials throughout the space.  We are happy to help you develop suite signs that work well with your new lobby signs.  Alternatively, if your suite signs are mandated by the property manager, we can align your lobby signs to work well with those specifications.

What is the most cost effective type of lobby sign?

There is no way to quantifiably measure cost effectiveness for a lobby sign.   The most important goal is to select  the type of lobby sign creates the right impression for your company and fits your budget.  That said, you can think about lobby signs falling into four groups from highest to lowest.

Dimensional Self Illuminated Signs
The most expensive type of sign is usually a self illuminated sign.  This group includes halo lit signs, side lit signs, digital displays or any other type of internally lit sign that might represent your business well. 
Dimensional Sign Letters on Panel or Substrate
Dimensional sign letters and logos applied to a panel or substrate form the next highest priced type of signs.  Customization of colors, fonts and logo shape can sometimes add costs over standard fonts and finishes.  The dimensional letters are made in any size, from many types of material, from foam to acrylic to metal and come in a huge selection of colors and finishes.  Likewise, the panels may be fabricated from acrylic, aluminum, wood or other materials.
Dimensional Signs Letters 
Applying dimensional sign letters directly to the wall.  The dimensional letters are made in any size, from many types of material, from foam to acrylic to metal and come in a huge selection of colors and finishes.  This is a common approach for lobby signage for many companies.  Because the sign letters are not "contained" or "framed" by a panel, the dimensional sign letters and logos must be carefully sized so that they stand out and create a significant impression.
Vinyl or Digital Print on a Panel
Flat vinyl letters and logos applied to a dimensional panel that stands off from the wall has a clean contemporary feel and is generally less expensive than using dimensional letters.  
Lobby Murals
Lobby murals are typically placed directly across from the main door or fill the wall space beyhind a reception desk.  
Specialty Vinyls or Digitally Printed Cut Vinyl
Special effects vinyl, like chrome or carbon fiber, of custom designed high resolution digitally printed self adhesive vinyls can be cut to any size or shape.  These printed graphics are then applied directly to the wall.

Will my lobby sign be unique?

How could it not be?  You have a one of a kind company name and logo.  We will help you identify exactly the right look, size and materials that is right for you, your company and your brand.  

Can RainMaker Signs manage production and installation for multiple locations?

Yes! We have designed, produced, shipped and coordinated professional installation of company lobby signs for all their facilities across the country. With a nationwide network of 250 sign and installation professional, we can provide professional installation at any location. We support independent and corporate owned businesses and franchises with single and multiple branches, facilities, offices and retail locations. We provided lobby sign services including design, production, installation and project management new business openings, relocations, expansions, re-branding, and remodels.

Does RainMaker Signs provide installation services for other companies? 

Yes. You can rely on our team of sign professionals to complete your projects with high standards of installation. We understand that effective communication are the foundations for reliable, trusted experience for our clients.  

Where can I find info and images for RainMaker Signs lobby and reception signs?   

Just visit our portfolio of lobby signs here. We try to update regularly so you can see the work we are doing for our clients.

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