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3-D Office Landscape Art Displays By That Art Gal - Bellevue, WA

by Yuki Chan on June 19, 2017


Owned by Jeanne Roberts, That Art Gal is a local art gallery at Bellevue that connects artists with buyers who have an eye for arts. In addition, it helps buyers find affordable art that they love and enjoy. In this project, That Art Gal worked with RainMaker Signs to execute two 3-dimensional landscape art displays that feature natural sceneries at the Pacific Northwest for an office located at the Conifer Building on 114th Ave SE in Bellevue. 

Changing The Way Bellevue Buy And Sell Arts


Jeanne has a very interesting story about how she became an art broker and how she started That Arl Gal. Planned to become an attorney, Jeanne actually got into sales and fashion at the earlier phase of her career. However, being influenced by the artist friends she met, Jeanne began exploring her art talents and eventually consider art selling as her main career. 

Holding art sales every year, Jeanne rented a gallery space at the Bellevue Square in 2010, that was the time That Art Gal was established. The sale was intended to last only 7 weeks, but with a popular demand, it extended to a 20 weeks period. After a retail art sales experience, Jeanne decided to go back as an art broker, providing more customized one-on-one art purchase experience for her clients. Her philosophy of art buying is very straightforward: "See it... Like it... Buy it…Hang it…... Simple!Jeanne networks with many artists that specialize in a wide array of themes and styles. She is also a huge supporter to local Northwest artists.

Adding Vividness To Office With Natural NW Scenery 

photo_art_installation_Rainmaker_Signs_That_Art_Gal_Bellevue_WA.jpgSharing the same believe in great visual communication (read more about the benefits of visual communication), RainMaker Signs had a good time working with Jeanne, helping her realize her corporate art installation. Working closely together and understanding Jeanne's vision for the office art displays, our RainMaker Signs team conducted dedicated research to make professional recommendations on the right materials and hardware to execute the project. The final office landscape art displays are made of quality matte laminated vinyl with 3/8" poly-carbonate panels. The edges of the panels are sanded to smooth out the corners to ensure a safe office environment. 

RainMaker Signs' professional installer paid meticulous attention to precisely install the panels. Any misallignment of the panels will definitely affect the visual effect of the decorative displays. By using perpendicular stand off mounts to affix the panels, it added dimensions to the photographs, bringing Mt. Rainier and the flowing stream to life. Especially for the flowing stream, seeing the display as one walk through the hallway, it appears that the water is flowing in motion. Jeanne and her client were thrilled with the final outcome of the project. RainMaker Signs is certain that these decorative art displays showcasing the iconic Pacific Northwest natural sceneries will bring a fresh look to the office and inspire creativity for their employees. 

Bringing In Office Displays That Spark Creativity

quotes for signs, graphics and displays

Comparing to four blank walls, it is always better to work in an environment decorated with graphics. Office displays do not just help to decorate a space, it also ignite employees' creativity to their work and even mark a long lasting impression to clients. Aside from landscapes, putting up company mission graphics is a popular office decoration choice among RainMaker Signs' clients (find out the benefits of company mission graphics here). Interested in seeing other decorative displays we produced? Click here

RainMaker Signs strives to build innovative workplaces with signs and graphics for our clients. See how Google uses wall graphics as a creative element in their Kirkland office. Call RainMaker Signs today at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com for more information. 

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