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A Bright Contemporary Building Sign for Dentist Office - Seattle, WA

by Deborah Scott on October 5, 2015


RainMaker Signs was delighted to work with Kenny To DDS to create this building sign for his dental practice in the Greenlake neighborhood of Seattle.  As part of a brand re-fresh, this new building sign with it's crisp edges and bright contemporary colors project a clean, skilled, professional image to match this dental practice.  

Kenny To DDS offers a "Beautiful Practice For All Your Dental Needs"   We were delighted to participate in the beautification of his practice with design, fabrication and installation of this new sign.  Getting a new sign for your building is easy when you work with the right sign company.  Outlined below are a few of the critical steps you can expect on your journey to a new sign.

Active Listening

We begin our process with active listening.  We will ask you a serious of questions about your unique objectives and goals. Attending carefully to your answers allows us to recommend the right solution for your sign project.  

Sign Materials and Design Recommendations

dentist-building-sign-detail-rainmaker-signs-Seattle-WARainMaker Signs takes time to develop the right look for outdoor signs using durable long lasting materials that fit our clients budget.  This signs was created using brushed aluminum dibond and acrylic dimensional letters and logo.  The acrylic was custom colored to meet the specification and Pantone colors of the clients logo.  Dibond is a structure made of three layers: low density core inserted between two thin layers of aluminum. This "sandwich" creates excellent mechanical performance at minimal weight. The very high rigidity of a sandwich panel is achieved thanks to interaction of its components under flexural load applied to the panel.  Dibond is an excellent substrate for outdoor signs.

Sign Permitting Services

The city of Seattle requires sign permits for any signs that are visible from the street.  That means, if it's not an interior sign, more than likely you will be needing a permit for your new sign.  

RainMaker Signs supports their clients with sign research and permit application services.  These services include, producing technical drawing for city approval, completing and submitting the sign permit application, and confirming final permit approval with the city.  

If you are looking to buy and install an exterior sign, take time to review the Seattle sign code to make sure your plans are allowable within the city code guidelines.  




Sign Fabrication to Design Specifications

Once the city approves the sign permit, production can begin.  While clients are often anxious to have their new signs produced and installed, we recommend waiting until the permit is approved by the city before starting production.  This protects our clients from unecessary expense should the city requrest changes in the sign based on their review.  RainMaker Signs carefully crafts each sign to meet the exacting specifications of the proof and permit application drawings.  Our goals is that our clients experience only Happy Surprises when they finally see their new signs.  


Scheduling installation is the final step in the process for our clients.  We take it from there.  Our experienced sign installer has been installing signs for over 16 years.  He has exacting standards and is a stickler for detail.  Whenever possible, we ask our client to approve the position of the new sign by placing a paper template on the wall.  This is easily moved so that the client can have an idea of where exactly they want their sign positioned.  Once the position is approved, our installed attaches the sign securely to the structure with sign mounting hardware.    

Are you providing proper assurance to your "guests" about your identity and location?  Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com.  The RainMaker Sign Team is always happy to help you out.  Click below to request a quote.

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