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Astavita's New Office Lobby Sign Projects Brand Energy - Bellevue, WA

by Yuki Chan on June 22, 2017

custom lobby signs for tech companies Seattle Bellevue WA Rainmaker Signs.jpg

AstaReal, a Fuji chemical group, worked with RainMaker Signs for a lobby sign at their new office in Hidden Valley Office Park here in Bellevue. It was an honor for RainMaker Signs to execute this energetic brand on their lobby wall with dimensional letters. 

Health Supplements From Astaxanthin

custom lobby signs for technology companies in Bellevue Seattle RainMaker Signs.jpgHeadquartered in Japan, AstaReal specializes in natural astaxanthin supplement products that are sold in Japan, United States, Sweden, Singapore, Australia, and India. Astaxanthin is a natural substance generated by microalgae and through consumption along the food chain, it is the contributor to the pink flesh of salmon. By storing astaxanthin in their body, it gives salmons the energy and strength to complete their upstream journey. Not just to salmon, astaxanthin is also known as a powerful natural antioxidant. It can improve human health, prevent diseases, and control medical conditions. 

AstaReal launched different product lines to align with the market's needs of astaxanthin. For example, the astamate line offers astaxanthin supplements for pets. All AstaReal products are endorsed by the health care brand's three promises: safety (certified FDA GRAS), quality (production in ISO9001 certified facilities), and supply (stable supply from two production facilities). 

Wet Finish Lobby Sign Precisely Depicts Brand Image

dimensional wall logo for technology companies offices Rainmaker Signs Bellevue Seattle WA.jpgAstaReal's office lobby sign has a three row structure that shows their logo, brand name, and slogan. Both the logo and dimensional letters are made of Glotech finish acrylic on foam. Glotech is the special technology that gives the smooth wet look finish on the letters (see the closeup on the left!). RainMaker Signs suggested this material choice to AstaReal because it helps to vividly illustrate the energy and strength that their brand carries. Click to see the other lobby sign materials RainMaker Signs offers. 

"Thanks and we love the sign. "             - AstaReal

It is an encouragement to our RainMaker Signs team that AstaReal enjoys their new sign. This new office signage, along with the three clocks showing the time zones of AstaReal's three important markets (Tokyo, Seattle, and Stockholm), gives a professional overview of AstaReal as an international business. When meeting with clients and partners, this set up in their lobby instills confidence to them about their cooperation with AstaReal. 

An One Stop Sign Buying Experience

lobby sign quote request bellevue wa rainmaker signsAfter AstaReal made the decision to get a lobby sign, they worked closely with RainMaker Signs through the process. Using the dimensions and an image of the installation wall, RainMaker Signs' designers created mock-ups that allow AstaReal to envision and decide on several possibilities of their new signage. The end product is a "marketing workhorse" that will support their business from now on. See more impressive brand expressions in RainMaker Signs' Portfolio!

An effective lobby sign has to be of the right size, learn more details here. Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com for more information.

  • environmental graphics for technology companies Seattle Bellevue Rainmaker signs.jpg
  • tech company lobby signs Rainmaker Signs Bellevue Seattle WA.jpg

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