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Astronics AES Showcases Products With Wall Graphics - Kirkland, WA

by Yuki Chan on September 25, 2018

custom corporate wall display and timelines by RainMaker Signs.jpg

To enhance their Kirkland office and warehouse environment, Astronics AES worked with RainMaker Signs to create custom wall graphics that feature their product types.

Supporting Aircrafts And Electronics With Quality Hardware

custom wall graphics production for Astronics of Kirkland WA by RainMaker Signs.jpg

Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems (AES) is a subsidiary of Astronics Corporation, the leading supplier that offers advanced technologies and products to the fields of global aerospace, defence, consumer electronics, and semiconductors. Before settling into its current Kirkland facility in 2013, Astronics AED had a long history in Washington since 1958.

The subsidiary made important contributions to the aerospace industry. Some of their remarkable works include building the Bomarc missile test set for Boeing, providing weapons release test sets for the F-11 and F-16 aircraft, and offering world-wide power system with back-up power for the US Marine Corps aircraft. As business booms, Astronics AES expanded and diversified its product lines to also manufacture phone systems and power systems adopted by electronics. It is a backbone that supported the Puget Sound region’s significant position in the aerospace industry.

Building Motivational Workplace With Vibrant Wall Graphics

wall graphics and panel display for Astronics AES of Kirkland WA by RainMaker Signs.jpg

The graphics RainMaker Signs produced and installed at Astronics AES can be found along their industrial warehouse hallway. The colorful cable vinyl graphics at the background link six acrylic circles showcasing the company’s products. Each of the circles has picture and text representing a product offering. At the top of a hallway entrance has vinyl lettering that state "COREPOWER," Astronics AES' state-of-the-art power and distribution system for small aircraft.

production for Astronics wall graphics Kirkland WA by Rainmaker Signs.jpg

RainMaker Signs' sign experts visited Astronics AES' Kirkland facility for a site survey to conduct material test, measure dimensions, and take pictures of the installation site for mock-ups. Material tests are recommended for any wall graphics projects to select vinyl material with optimal adhesiveness. The mock-ups RainMaker Signs sent to our client helped them envision the finished outcome of their impressive visual communication. Because of the scale of the graphics, it was a multi-day installation. The circular acrylic panels were installed with studs and spacers to add dimensions to more prominently display the products. Looking like a rainbow on the wall, the office wall graphics not only reinforces employees' product knowledge but also constantly reminds them the unique values their effort delivers.

Creating The Best Place To Work For With Office Graphics

Astronics AES was voted as one of Washington's 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2017. To be a company that employees adore, an energetic, inspiring, and comfortable workplace is a prerequisite. Check out RainMaker Signs' Portfolio to see how businesses adopt wall graphics in their office.

custom wall graphics bellevue wa rainmaker signsBoldly celebrate your organization's success, values, and goals with your employees through visual communication! Give RainMaker Signs a call at 425-861-7446 or 855-806-SIGN(7446) or email us at answers@rainmakersigns.com

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