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RainMaker Signs Puts Mission, Values and Brand on New Office Walls at Rover.com - Seattle, WA

by Deborah Scott on February 17, 2015


Relocating to new offices?  Let RainMaker Signs help you create great branding and support your company culture in your new space with a custom murals and wall graphics.  These new window and wall graphics were designed, created and installed for Rover.com for their new Belltown neighborhood office in Seattle, WA.

Rover.com is an web based service that matches dog owners with dog sitters.  Type in your zip code and the dates you need a pet care taker - Rover.com delivers a list of providers with daily rates and reviews.  Match making has never been so perfect!    As a fast growing company, Rover.com made a move to new offices in the Belltown neighborhood in downtown Seattle.  In preparation for the move, they planned to inject the new space with energy by adding branding throughout the new offices that reflect the company's values and brand personality.  

Rover-Reception-Mural-RainMaker-Signs-Seattle-WAThe vinyl graphics experts at RainMaker Signs were thrilled to work with Rover.com to fabricate and install wall and window graphics throughout the new offices.  Rover.com's designer, Derek Punsalan, provided all the designs for this project.  We are always happy to work with designs provided by our clients.  For clients without designs, our design team is always available to create the right design to meet your visual communication needs.  

Reception Wall Mural 

Rover.com provided this amazing design for their new reception area wall.  RainMaker Signs produced this high quality graphic on a high resolution HP latex wide format printer.  With superior color management and high quality printing RainMaker Signs was able to accurately replicate the water color / collage effect of this custom design.  The mural was printed on high quality 3M adhesive backed vinyl measuring approximately  9' x 9'.  The print was then laminated with a 3M ultra-matte cold adhesive laminate.  The laminate provide three preliminary benefits - 1) dramatically reduces glare and reflection from nearby light sources, 2) protects the print from fading, scratching and other abrasion that can harm the print and 3) provides a durable surface that is easy to clean with a soft cloth, warm water and a mild detergent.  

Lobby Area Wall Graphic

RainMaker-Signs-Custom-Wall-Graphics-Rover-Seattle-WAIn additional to the mural described above, RainMaker Signs replicated a line art drawing of one of the founders dogs on a bigger than life size scale.  The cool looking skate boarding bull dog, measuring 5' x 5' was created using a computer controlled GraphTec 54" plotter / cutter.  The GraphTec's tiny blade moves at an amazing rate with remarkable precision, able to cut something as detailed as this line art with accuracy down to a faction of a millimeter.  Once cut, the excess vinyl is removed and a mask is applied over the entire surface of the graphic.  This mask hold every detail in place until the graphic is affixed to the wall.  One the graphic is installed on the wall, the mask is removed, revealing the massive image shown above.

Company Mission Wall and Values Wall

company-values-mission-wall-graphics-RainMaker-Signs-Rover-Seattle-WARover.com's approach to office branding and culture was appropriately comprehensive.  In addition the wall mural Rover.com added their mission and values statement to fill an entire hallway wall.  Rover.com provided the design and wall layout that includes text, dog foot prints, and line art of another famed company dog.  Producing the printed text is much like the process described above for the bull dog graphic - with one additional step.  The adhesive backed vinyl is printed prior to the cutting, weeding, masking process.  The computer aligns the cut lines with the printed graphic and then all the non-printed material is removed to leave only the printed and cut letters and images.  Then, like the bull dog line art, the cut material is masked and prepped for installation.

Custom Rest Room Signs

Custom-Restroom-Graphics-Men-Rover-RainMaker-Signs-Seattle-WA  Custom-Restroom-Graphics-Women-Rover-RainMaker-Signs-Seattle-WA  No detail is too small when leveraging your brand to inject energy and fun into your organization.   These men's and women's room graphics were designed by Rover.com and produced and installed by RainMaker Signs to the restroom doors.  This attention to detail is often what really demonstrates an understanding of a brand and an appreciation for employee happiness - did I mention employees also bring their dogs to work.  (See a recent article in the Bellevue Business Journal about how RainMaker Signs' visual communications and branding capabilities support company culture.)

small-CTA-free-ebook-wall-graphics-murals-guide Other Office Branding and Graphics

  • Pug reception wall graphics comparable to the bull dog
  • Mission statement wall lettering, dog paw prints, and dog line art
  • Large Rover.com logo decal in elevator bank wall
  • Push / Pull decals on entry doors
  • Custom lettering by wood doors
  • Custom designed frosted window film on meeting and conference rooms
  • Frosted privacy vinyl on elevator bank doors
In addition to the items noted above RainMaker Signs installed a variety of custom designed frosted window film throughout the offices.  Learn more about the benefits of naming conference and meeting rooms.  or see our upcoming blog post of Rover.com's window graphics.   You may also want to visit our wall murals and graphics or  window graphics pages to learn more about interior or exterior mount, transparent, opaque or "one-way" options.  

Rover-Office-Branding-Wall-Graphics-Murals-Window-Planning-RainMaker-Signs-Seattle-WARainMaker Signs specializes business signs, graphics and displays.  We partner with our clients as part of their brand execution team.  You've got an opportunity and we've got the expertise to help you maximize your advertising and visual communications opportunity.  Together we can create powerful visual impressions to grow your business and support your company culture.


Give us a call at 425-861-7446 or email us at answers@RainMakerSigns.com.  The RainMaker Sign Team is always happy to help you out.  Click below to request a quote.




2014-11-13_15.08.27  RainMaker-Signs-Rover-Lobby-Mural-Seattle-WA  Rover-custom-wall-decals-RainMaker-Signs-Seattle-WA  Rover-mission-values-wall-decals-RainMaker-Signs-Seattle-WA                    



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